Vintage Shell Lamps

i've amassed a handful of these vintage, mid-century, souvenir shell lamps and other vintage shell related goodness...
all were in various states of falling apart so i have been saving weird stuff to glue all over them....
because, why not, right.
the one above now holds the glitter orb nun that natasha gave me.  she is actually holding a bowling ball but as soon as i got her i transmuted her bowling ball into a glittering orb.  she didn't mind.
i also added a little happy portlandia bird.  you know. 
put a bird on it.
i am keeping this one.
here is a little porcelain owl atop a shell pin cushion that hangs on the wall.  i took the soft pin cushiony part out when i was gluing so as not to ruin it.
i know.
sea elephants i suppose.
this one lights up too.
broken doll heads.
they have all been in a drawer.
i couldn't bare to throw them out.
oh and there is a whale tail in there too.
all hands shell alter/font.
everyone needs one.
is this lakshmi?
her lamp lights up.
and she is carved from sandalwood so she smells good.
i think the slight heat from the tiny bulb will make her scent waft.
here's hoping.
she got a bird too.
and this little winged creature is hanging with her deer friends.
this one works as well.
i may keep adding bits and pieces here and there until they sell.
oh, yes, they are for sale, in my shop.
Smashing Rubbish
15926 Main St.
Duvall, WA 
Fri & Sat
noon - 6
come on by and see how these look all grouped together and lit up.
you know you want to.
saltwater & sweetwater
(i'm needing a bit of both)

A Sign

i got a new sign to hang outside the shop!

it's double sided, hand painted, and locally made.

it will hang adjacent to the door so you can see it coming down the street, either way.
also, i am going to make some small signs to hang from it.  for those of you who have been to the Smashing Rubbish shop, which would you say most aptly fit?  i'm trying to pick 3 of these: "vintage", "handcrafted", "home", "curiosities", "eclectic", "handmade"
or do you happen to have any other suggestions?
do share!

deep in the midst of Jenny Lawson's new book and can not stopping
laughing and cringing....perfect!

You Can Count on Change

change is in the air again my friends.

you can always count on change.

i wanted to let you all know that
Smashing Rubbish Studio & Vintage General Store
is going to stay in business!
my lease is up at the end of june so i have been negotiating with my landlady to see if we can come to an agreement about the space i lease from her.
i have asked her for less space.
yes, it is true. i want to downsize and simplify.
i cannot currently run a sustainable "brick and mortar" business with the amount of square footage i rent, for the amount of time i am willing to be there, or rather, that it makes sense for me to be there, according to when i actually have customers. 
i do like having my studio and sewing/project workshop space in the back of the shop...that definitely works for me.  so with all this in mind i have been considering how to shift once again, "grow" a bit smaller, lower my monthly rent, and stay in business in this sweet and generous small town i love. 
the answer has come in the opportunity to diversify.
i was offered a vendor space, once more, at the new and improved M&M Antiques in monroe.  I started vending at M&M over 4 years ago and stopped when i opened my own shop down the valley in duvall.  M&M has moved locations and is now located in the old
St. Vincent De Paul building:  123 N Lewis St. Monroe, WA.
the "new" building is huge, bright, clean, has more vendors, and is getting filled with tons of awesome treasure!
M&M has the customer base to be open 7 days a week 11-6pm so it made sense for me to take space there again so i'd have a place to rotate/cycle my treasures thru and be able to really sell/move it. 
also, taking space at m&m allows me to downsize my store to a more reasonable (for me), manageable, smaller level that suits me better for now.  although i have my current space leased thru july 1, i have started to move into the smaller, tiled floor, lower, studio/shop side already. 
from 1000 square feet down to 300!
it made sense for me to start rearranging now since all  my displays and vignettes were being taken apart anyhow while moving selected items to m&m. 
(that said, the large side of my shop, the carpeted side where the front entry has always been, is going to be available by june 1 at the latest.  if you know of anyone/business that could use 700 sq feet of main street store frontage, let me know and i can put you/them in touch with the building owners.)
and so.... what i am leaning into for summer shop open hours is the possibility of only being open fridays and saturdays.  i have already started closing on sundays and i will stay open on thursdays until my kids are out of school near the end of june.  but after that, i need to have hours i can manage and time to be with my children, soak in summer, and be outside! 
i am hugely considering asking you readers here, my awesome customers, my friends who stop in, my family who supports me, and my small town, to help me by coming here to shop, specifically when i am open, to see what is new, purchase a gift, or buy a treasure for yourself!  i greatly encourage you to get on my mailing list, as well as subscribe here, so that you will know when my seasonal shifts in open hours occur.  you can send me an email with your name and email address at and i will add you to my mailing list (which is only ever used to inform you of big changes like these, mainly shop hours and sales!). 

smashing rubbish also has a facebook page which will always state info about open hours, sales, photos of new items, etc. so if you do fb, go over there and like my sr page.
you are more than welcome to contact me for viewing hours by appointment, and like i said i am still
open noon-6, thurs-sat,
until the end of june.

the bonus to having these limited hours is that you will most likely always be seeing new items in the shop each time you come in.  i will bring new items here first and cycle older items over to m&m to make room for the new vintage loot at smashing rubbish. i will still have my handmade items in both locations and am considering having a certain "look" (genre or era) at m&m that i don't have room for at smashing rubbish....we will see.

 three cheers for change!
change is in the air....
and you can always count on change

ever yours,

Shop Closed Mother's Day!

the shop will be closed this sunday in honor of mother's day...
and our operating hours will be changing significantly for summer and that drastic change shall happen shortly...
i will let you know.

working on/in the "new" shop (same location)and have been writing a blogpost about it for some weeks now but can't seem to make a choice about hours of operation for the summer. am trying to avoid being flaky, by pinning myself down to "regular" hours, but alas, to all our chagrin, i can not seem to commit. may end up having "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" hours this summer but more likely to go down to 2 days a week and be open
friday and saturday

when this is all set in stone and not subject to change, you will be the first to know.
until then, wish me luck in this massive downsizing, rearranging and moving extravanganza i am taking on.
i will need it...

yours truly and forever more,

p.s. check out my space at m&m antiques in monroe if you need a Smashing Rubbish fix and i'm not open :)

New & Noteworthy

some new items around the shop:
fill in the blank cards
blue bird dish
intricate red cut paper picture.  amazing!
floral decoupage
a wonderful vintage clutch
a shabby chic hanging shelf
a lady bell
some bird embroidery
weed book with lovely lino prints
children's book with fantastic cover

Smashing Rubbish
hours of operation:
thursday-saturday noon-6
sunday noon-5

come see what's new,

Closing Wednesdays for Equilibrium!

these two amazing creatures are my raison d'etre.

i have been thinking quite a bit about how to tell you something, how to put it, the reasons to give, if any, and how to remain professional and all "adult-like". so here goes...

i will be closing the shop on wednesdays.
the doors will remain locked until thursday at noon.
unless we feel like being in here to be creative....
but otherwise, don't expect to see the open sign turned toward the street on wednesdays.  at least for the time being.

some things have come up.  and yes, i have mentioned here before that i was considering staying closed on wednesdays, mostly because i get very little business on wednesdays.  which is not to say that i don't absolutely adore all my customers, clients, friends and family who regularly support me in this adventure by purchasing from me and allowing me to stay open (most days!). j'adore, j'adore.....yes, i adore you! really, every last one of you that walks through my door and says the sweetest things about how the store looks, the "good eye" i have, commenting on how wonderfully items are displayed, even suggesting i should charge admission because it's like a museum ( i take that as a compliment folks!), you just keep me going and going and going.  i am forever grateful and blessed to have the best customers in the world who make me want to work hard, do more, provide this element of beauty, and share my little world down here.  so you see, i want to be here, open for you every day, but i have to make it work for all of us.

who is this "all of us," you might ask....well all of us is you.  and me.  and my boys.  and have i mentioned i have this amazing partner/boyfriend/husband fully supporting me in the background and just quietly being my rock yes, him

and so i once again, always and forever, am seeking my equilibrium. 

do believe me friends, it will be best for all of us if i can "find" it, sniff it out, hunt it down, and wear it like a magic cape!

  i try not to use the word "balance," simply because to me, balance is static.  it's a place of holding, tight, uneasy, strict, stationary, showing little or no change, lacking movement, development and vitality. 
i choose to think in terms of equilibrium because for me its a place of flow, loose, nonrestrictive, ease, grace, motion, unbound and vital.  it is energetic and unfolding.  there is poise, but it is contemplative.

so i seek it. 
it will be searched for with jasper, who no longer has school on wednesdays.  we will discover it in horseback riding, practicing our instruments, exploring the back roads, tending our honey bees, playing in our gardens, cooking, making cheese, fermenting pickles, harvesting nettles, then hawthorn, then linden, and so on.  we hope to discover it in being creative, crafting, art making and surely in the softness of jasper's new little buddy-bunny:
elvis hawthorn fluffernutter

perhaps being kept on my toes will track me to equilibrium... i do, after all, have gus, my amazing and busy teenager, who could use a little more support around navigating working, driving, preparing for college next year and comprehending what's beyond all that.  
a man-boy, who deserves a mom who is available, attentive, understanding, a compassionate listener, and not too harried and busy and distracted to notice him.  see him.  witness his unfolding, growing, his leaning into adulthood.  it goes by so quickly my friends and i refuse to let these moments with my children slip by me for anything.  so if not opening wednesdays affords me even the slightest sliver of a glimpse into my equilibrium in this realm, it's so worth the door being locked and the signing saying "closed."

i have to say that i so appreciate having my business in a charming small town, where i can feel a little more free to make these choices for our well being and not feel too cruddy or pressured about it.  i don't want to let anyone, customers, or friends. but mostly i don't want to let down my tribe, my family, my peeps, the 3 people who are the center of my universe and who i am just crazy a good way!
i am grateful to have a business that i can model and structure however i choose.  i appreciate being able to try on different ways of running a small sole proprietorship: sometimes more organic in it's being-ness and sometimes more rigid.  in trying to find my way, discovering what works and what doesn't, i am thankful to have your continued support while i navigate these waters.  i admit i am not perfect or fully self-actualized so i do have fears and one of them is that you will see me as flaky and nonprofessional.  so thank you, for accepting me and my unique ways of trying to stay in business, while i gain more understanding and try to figure it out myself!

isn't shifting, transformation and deepening super awesome?!!!
sameness is dull friends!   boring! 
rejoice in the knowing that you can always count on change!
there is eternal growing, expansion, development!
and there will be more around here....i can assure you....but baby steps for now, baby steps...

so from now on, Smashing Rubbish will be open
Thursday-Saturday noon-6
Sunday noon-5

don't forget to "like" the Smashing Rubbish page on Facebook or follow on Twitter.  you should be able to access blog posts on both so they are great places to check for hours, happenings, and see new merchandise too.
also, when you visit the blog from now on, you should note some changes here too(go figure!). i added a search tool just in case you might find it useful....and i added a way you can safely and securely follow this blog by getting the posts directly into your email inbox.  i am currently working on getting some new pages up on the blog so it may look different, again, the next time you stop by!  please do comment and leave me feedback and constructive critique please!  if there is anything you want to see more of, ask!  it would please me to give ya what ya want...i just want you to be happy!

and with that i will leave you to ponder the possibilities... what is shifting in your life?  what change are you welcoming with wide open arms? what transformation is making you want to run and hide?  what deepening is cracking you wide open?
what unfolding has you holding tight?
can you loosen up, embrace and welcome it?
or does it cause stress, anxiety and worry?
it's all ok.  just take a deep breathe and one step toward it.  a baby step.  just a little step.  you can do.
i know you can.

full tilt shifting,
oh...oh show you how much i love you i am going to have a four day 20% of sale starting thursday march 22.
almost everything in the store will be 20% off, there will be very few items marked nd(no discount), but otherwise 99% of this awesome stuff will be 20%off!  cool, yes?  alright!

Vintage Doll Clothes

vintage baby doll clothes are finally up for sale at Smashing Rubbish.
i have been hoarding some of these for years.
yes, i do have some unrelenting obsession with old dolls, vintage babies, antique miniature anything, and it requires me to buy and hoard every little bit i can secure!
i am loosening up my ways and to your benefit, you may now procure your own vintage doll, baby, miniature everything at Smashing Rubbish!
tehehehehe ....

come one, come all, form a line at the door,
vintage, handmade, hand sewn, tiny shell button havin doll clothes are here.

i knew you'd want to know,

All Are Welcome Screen Door

for months now this screen door has been hanging around.
the screen's coming out.
it's not perfect.
but i thought it might be a nice shabby vintage earring/jewelry display, leaned up against a wall.

well i never did hang stuff from the screen.
and day after day i was moving it outside to lean against the wall.
all imperfect and falling apart.

then i remembered seeing somewhere that you can essentially embroider on screen.
hey, why not?

i have admired this slogan that shanna murray sells as a decal

so i just started stitching and it turned out alright.

i could go over it and make the stitching thicker and more bold....but for now it will be sold as is

hope you all have a great weekend and dont' forget about the time change. 
so happy it will stay light past 7pm now!

ironing, hanging and pricing tiny handmade doll clothing,

New & Noteworthy

just a few new things that have been put out for sale in the shop the last few days...

birch wood candle holder

vintage leather gauntlet gloves

small figurine

flocked deer family

vintage red and white polka dot gloves

vintage needlepoint

vintage leather anne klein tunic

a ton new linens and i have lots more to put out

awesome vintage pottery vase and gold metal flowers and cobalt blue glass

vintage glasses and vintage thistle transferware

little wood bowling pin

sweet floral paint by number

working on some new painted bags and the little altered boots project so i will have more to show you soon.

listening to my new favorite band First Aid Kit and sorting, sewing, and pricing,

Terrariums & Crystals & Dottie Angel

here are some terrariums at home that i made up the other day.

here are the empty glass containers before i started.

another view

i didn't have enough plants to put under these glass cloches yet or in the fois bois log planter.  soon, soon.

materials including charcoal, pebbles, moss, and planting mix.

pretty succulents

this is the large glass container and it has three different plants and many types of moss.

and another mossy looking plant

and a cool spiky striped one

here you can see in the large container i had room to add some quartz crystals.  i went to a gem and mineral show on sunday and picked these up.

sunny day terrariums

see the crystals in the moss

a broader view

does anyone know what this is called?  it's bluish green and it's not flourite.  see the cubes...


spiky quartz

i picked up a few of these in sayulita, mexico

jasper got this huge geode in tucson, az.

and this clump of quartz is from our trip to costa rica

i do love me some crystals, minerals, and plants.
witchy women unite!

in other news, and more importantly!, i was thrilled beyond belief to get a visit from Tif Fussell, aka Dottie Angel, at the shop today!  She and her friend Marjan stopped by to shop, say hello and meet in person.  I will publish another whole post about my adoration of Tif, the blessing of attending a girl crush art workshop and tea party with her soon in which we will create a piece of work that will actually be hung in a gallery!, and getting to go shopping with her in two weeks! 
can i get a Yahooie?!!
this excites me friends! 
really, truly, giddy!

more soon, so much more,

Vintage Alligator Purse

i found this vintage alligator purse in portland.
i had to have it because i am loving all things animal skin.
i know.  weird.
you should have seen how fast i snagged a dyed green snakeskin picture frame at the thrift store!
people were scared!

but see that peek of original shoulder strap up there.
wish i took a better picture of how bad it was.
barely holding on....bad shape.
so i cut it off.
and i added this little new but vintage looking scarf.
just looped it thru the available hardware, tied a know, doubled it up on itself.
and voila!

a super cute usable vintage bag.
come and touch and see it for yourself.
for sale at Smashing Rubbish.
right now.

pricing, sorting buttons, and writing a lot of overdue blog posts,


this will pretty much be a photo post of all the loot i was able to bring back from my little road trip down to portland and back.
shopped all along the way.  both ways.  there and back.
lots of treasures!
rusty old match holder
book of poetry
silver wing earrings

old small 6 drawer cubby

alter/curiosity cabinet
sewing basket/purse
silk clutch

vintage bird

needle keeper

vintage paper box

small eastern euro doll

larger eastern euro doll

shell box

vintage mug holder

little silver bird vessel

vintage tin architectural pieces

vintage shell pin cushion

interior wood tray from old steamer trunk with gorgeous vintage paper

black lacquer boxes for display

small galvanized carrier

large tin bird

small tin deer

wind up tin bird (brought back 5!)

skin covered box

gold covered leaf pendant

vintage transfers and patterns

and 2 "helping hand" magnifiers

all this and more, available for your instant gratification!
come take a look and see what might call to you!
we have unusual gifts, lovely jewelry, and fun treasures!

Smashing Rubbish
15922 Main St.
Duvall, WA

Vintage Flowers & Feathers

these vintage velvet flowers all got made into individual hair clips but i wasn't quick enough in posting them here before they all disappeared from the shop!  but what i do have left are these amazing vintage feather pieces that could also be made into hair clips:

perhaps they are meant to be old hat or millinery pieces?

any of these would make a great hair piece.  they can be attached to clips, head bands, or barrettes. or they could be pinned to your hat or your lapel.  swanky vintage stuff, don't you think?!

come see for yourself at Smashing Rubbish in Duvall, WA!

have a great weekend and i will post next week on all the new loot from my stp (seattle to portland) buying trip!

take care,

Wear-n-Worn ~kids edition

here's my little fellow in his vintage garb.
he loves to dress vintage so we were both excited when i found these pieces, the cheetah sweater vest and plaid wide legs, at an estate sale recently.

we got lucky because all the kid stuff we found fit him perfectly.
we were both thrilled!

i am heading toward portland, or. tomorrow and will shop all along the way there and back.  i hope to find some new treasures for the shop so come by Smashing Rubbish next week to see the new loot. 

and a reminder for my awesome Smashing Rubbish customers: i am considering shifting my shop open hours a bit to better fit the pattern of when i will actually have customers :)  so watch for the possibility of being closed on wednesdays (as well as our traditional mondays and tuesdays) and being open 12-5 on thursdays, fridays, saturdays and sundays (instead of 12-6 thur-sat).  if you have any input about this i would greatly appreciate hearing about it!  Don't be shy!  the shift in days and hours is being considered because i hardly have any customers on wednesdays and rarely have customers in the last hour between 5 and 6pm.  having wednesday to be creative in my studio and being home for dinner with my family will make a big difference to me personally so i am considering this probable change.  not sure how soon yet, or when, but i will certainly make every effort to keep my hours posted and current to keep you aware and abreast. 
thank you for all your support SR customers!  you make it so i can stay in business here in duvall!  thanks!

pricing vintage books,

New & Noteworthy

vintage table top pie safe

wood ticket sign from left bank antiques in anacortes

vintage paper mache owl decoys

another wooden sign with leather strap handles on the back

beautiful working clock

perfectly foggy huge heavy mirror

was blue velvet victorian album

anthropomorphic frogs

peacock cigarette box

sicilian fraternal ribbon

new hampshire grange ribbon

odd fellows chief marshall ribbon

another sweep through my house, while being stuck there in the snow, has afforded the shop with a slew of new! 
come and check it out and see what you can discover for yourself.....perhaps a treasure or two.... you never know....

pricing, planning, and plotting,

2011 in Photos

February: You Are Your Own Muse, self portrait with fiddle and bee hive!

March: polaroid portrait of a self portrait!

April: Boys, Hotel Congress restaurant, Tucson!

May: vintage Fireball ready for camping!

June: Breathe Owl Breathe played our backyard stage!

August: Pickathon!

September: still playing at the lake! 

October: Avett Brothers in Nashville!

November: honey extraction, from our bees!

December: Santa at Plaka!

as you can see, i choose one picture form each month of the year to sum up 2011!  it was a year of growth, challenge, learning, transforming, and fun!  i am looking forward to what 2012 might have in store but for now i will live in the moment and enjoy that tomorrow night i get to go eat the following meal at Delancey Pantry:

 Oysters on the half shell with apple mignonette
Pork belly confit with smoked salt
Johnnycakes with maple braised greens
Tomato-fennel soup with blue cheese toast
Boiled whole crabs
Roasted potatoes with sea salt
Melted butter, salsa verde and spicy aioli for dipping
Butter lettuce salad with radishes and chives
Lemon mousse trifle
Almond cake, toasted meringue and brittle

yeah, i think i'll stay in the moment for that!  and each course comes with a wine pairing as well.  oh yes, please!

what are your plans for the weekend?
hope you get some fun and good food in there!

our seating sale at Smashing Rubbish will run until closing on Sunday.
all seating: chairs, chair frames, stools, benches, etc are 20% off or more.  and we are having random daily sales as well that you can find out about by liking our facebook page or following on twitter.

sewing, sewing, sewing,

Beaded Goodness

this is an amazing, palm size, piece of bead work i got in Nashville in october.

it's a little pouch, beaded on both sides.

 another close-up.

the piece was begging to be made into a necklace so i dug out some old random and assorted jewelry chain.

i left the little odd silver bead hanging off the left there because i like the asymmetry of it.

i just sewed a jump ring on each side of the pouch and attached the chain to them.  and i left the dark green silk ribbon detail as well.

i love this.  a lot.  and i should sell it.  but i don't really want to.  hmmmmmm..... torture, torture i tell ya!

in shop news:  our seating sale, a.k.a "anything you can sit your lovely butt on" sale, is happening now!  at least 20% off all seating: chairs, chair frames, kids seating, benches, stools, folding chairs, rockers, etc.
Come check it out!
also having random daily sales that you can stop by to discover. or if you "like" us on facebook or follow on twitter you will be the first to know what the random daily sale is each day this week.
today is bird nests!
all bird nests are marked down to $13, today only!

pricing, sorting, rearranging,

Snake Skin

i was going thru a bunch of our books and came across this one with a snake skin print on the inside cover!

it came from this vintage book, First Book of Snakes.

and i was thrilled to make some copies of the snake skin print to use for projects, notes, letters, paper airplanes, origami, etc!  i made some colored and some black and white!
i heart snake skin and have also been wearing a silk snake skin print shirt lately.  i am all about the transformative and mythic powers of the snake!  watch out!

in shop news: our seating sale starts on Wednesday January 11 and goes to Sunday January 15th
all seats, chairs, chair frames, stools, benches, etc will be at least 20% off during this time!
i will also be having daily sales on random items. 
you can stop by to check them out or if you "like" the Smashing Rubbish page on facebook or follow me on twitter, you will get to know what the random sale items are each day!  Check it out! 

thinking about friendship and unconditional love,

Triangles: Wear-n-Worn

when i was in Nashville at the end of october i scored some really awesome vintage clothing.  i decided to sell a few of the pieces in the shop but the rest i have kept for myself, including this awesome vintage dress that has a really modern "blasting triangles" design all over it.

perhaps it's from the 70s.  it is polyester after all.

it's not easy to tell, but it buttons from the waist up, off center, and can be buttoned up for a very high neck.  i wear it with the top button undone so it flops open a little.

you can see i am also wearing an old vintage velvet jacket that i have had forever-and-a-day.  i forgot it was in the back of my closet but have now been wearing it again lately.

the velvet swing jacket just has one cool old original button at the top but i didn't get a good photo of it.  the vintage red glass beads add another pop of color and matched my tights.

i am finally giving in to doing regular outfit posts.  i have been taking photos of my outfits for a while now as a way to document what i have and sell, and also i like to dress up a bit and until opening the shop never had much of a reason too.  so now i want to keep track of what i wear, or have worn, and too, i did take that amazingly awesome self portraiture class last winter called You Are Your Own Muse.  so i am taking some self portraits, capturing mostly vintage outfits, and making a record of "wear-n-worn."

i have felt conflicted in the past, posting outfit pictures.  like, who cares.  but this is my blog, i love vintage clothes and fashion in general, i sell this stuff, and, well, like i said, this is my blog and if you don't like it, you don't have to look!

and then, too, there are the little coincidences and serendipity's in life and i don't like to let those go unnoticed!  when i got home from Nashville and was flipping thru my fall issue of Uppercase,

which, by the way, you should all be subscribing too, (let me just should on you all for a moment!,

there, of course, was a spread on the triangle!  it turns out triangles are quite the "in" design motif at the moment.  all the rage.  who knew?!  maybe they were "in" in the 70s too!

shop news:  i wanted to let you all know i will be having a sale starting next Wednesday, January 11. 

the sale will be 20% off anything you can sit on!

yes, that's right.  all chairs, chair frames, stools, seats, and benches will be 20% off! 

i will have other random and assorted items on sale each day as well but you have to stop by to find out what the sale of the day is!  or you can go over to Facebook and "like" the Smashing Rubbish page to find out!  i will post daily sales, each day next week, on the Smashing Rubbish Facebook page and i will "tweet" them as well so feel free to follow the shop on Twitter too!

i am trying to make room for some new merchandise as i will be going on a buying trip the first weekend in february and hope to have many new items to bring in for you to peruse!

stay tuned and thanks for your ongoing support!

pricing, pricing, pricing,
p.s. did i mention i brought a lot of new things in from overhauling my home?!  come see what's new!

New Year Capricorn

photo via Russh magazine

i was browsing over on fieldguided a while back and came across this utterly fantastic capricorn horoscope, that anabela commented on, devised by Susan Miller for Russh.

russh is an incredible australian fashion, beauty, arts, and music magazine.  and apparently, if i do say so myself, their astrologist has nailed it on the prediction/interpretation front!  check out how my year is bound to pan out people!  just look! :

Capricorn 2012 will be a great year to be a Capricorn. Recent years may have proved challenging. Fortunately you appear to be coming out of your difficult time and your outlook is rapidly becoming brighter. In 2012, Jupiter, the great giver of gifts and luck, will powerfully ignite your fifth house of creativity, initiating a huge trend, allowing you to come up with vibrant, original ideas. Rarely have you seen your imagination take flight in the way it will in the coming year.

The fifth house is not only your house of creativity but also your house of true and enduring love. If you are single and not dating, Jupiter in Taurus, until mid-June, will make that a banner time for meeting your one true love. Jupiter only comes by this house every 12 years, so this is news. If you feel that it is impossible to find love, and that it would take a major miracle for you to find romance, keep an open mind. Jupiter is certainly powerful and actually IS associated with miracles. If you are dating the wrong person, you are behooved to break up and start anew – it would be a shame to miss the exceptional help the universe will provide to you now!
By October 2012, you will be in a strong professional position and ready to tackle anything that life throws your way. You will see a noticeable reduction in tension. Gone will be the days that you will have to prove your worth to higher ups – you will have paid your dues and will have gained their respect.

In 2012, Mars will make an unusually long visit to your ninth house of foreign lands, higher education and learning, giving this area of life unusually strong emphasis. Your sense of adventure will be especially very strong during the first half of the year, and you will want to push the boarders of your world back, to give you a big worldview. Under this trend, you may return to college or graduate school, or volunteer to help a political candidate, you believe in. Or, you may do a great deal of reading of great thinkers, or delve into various religions of the world.

Financially, for fourteen years you have hosted nebulous Neptune in your second house of earned income. Neptune is never easy to host in a house dealing with money management, for Neptune brings its characteristic veil of confusion or mystery to whatever house it visits. Money may have been strangely hard to control. Neptune’s departure of your second house of money in early February 2012 will be a wonderful change, for finally you will be able to firm grip on financial affairs. There was one fine, upbeat exception to the rule and that is if you make your money through the creative arts. In that case, you were likely to launch your career nicely, for Neptune was working hard to help you see financial reward from your artistic expressions during that phase. Why such a different affect from Neptune? Neptune rules the arts, and in a financial house means you would gain from the arts. After Neptune leaves, you will continue to see financial rewards from your artistic expressions in future years now that you have established your contributions to your field. Neptune’s departure of your second house of money in early February 2012 will be a wonderful change, for finally you will be able to firm grip on financial affairs.

In so many ways, by the end of 2012, you will be well on your way to a more enjoyable life. You will have swept away all that is outworn and no longer effective, productive or of value to your future. In terms of the whole year, the first half of 2012 will glow brightest, with very late April and May your favorite months of 2012/ You'll be in a fine place creatively, romantically and even financially. By the end of 2012, may be more fit and healthy than you have been in years by year end. You'll feel lighter, happier and have a bounce to your step. You'll realize all that you endured was worthwhile, and you will know that your bright new future is one you had a strong hand in creating and that suits you perfectly.

 holy cow!  how much stock can i put into this?!  i want in, i want in!  yes please, cosmos and the great mystery, give me this year! 
i will definitely let y'all know how it goes! and by the way, hey baby, what's your sign?!

so what are you hoping for in the new year?  do you let the stars be your guide or do you make concrete goals, plans, and resolutions?  will you start something new? let go of something old that no longer serves you?  do tell.  and go check out your year long horoscope at russh and tell me what you think!

it's been a couple weeks of winter break over here and i'm trying to get back into the swing of having a studio and being a shop owner.  it's not easy my friends, to shift gears out of kids home, house improvements, lack of schedule, and back to the daily grind.  but slowly and surely i will get there.  treating myself to some patience and gentleness, along with a full body massage right before my first day back in the saddle!, to make the transition smoother, if possible. 
the shop is open and there are new items.  i will be having a sale soon and also going on another buying trip at the beginning of february.  stay tuned and come say hi!

reading with red wine,