Triangles: Wear-n-Worn

when i was in Nashville at the end of october i scored some really awesome vintage clothing.  i decided to sell a few of the pieces in the shop but the rest i have kept for myself, including this awesome vintage dress that has a really modern "blasting triangles" design all over it.

perhaps it's from the 70s.  it is polyester after all.

it's not easy to tell, but it buttons from the waist up, off center, and can be buttoned up for a very high neck.  i wear it with the top button undone so it flops open a little.

you can see i am also wearing an old vintage velvet jacket that i have had forever-and-a-day.  i forgot it was in the back of my closet but have now been wearing it again lately.

the velvet swing jacket just has one cool old original button at the top but i didn't get a good photo of it.  the vintage red glass beads add another pop of color and matched my tights.

i am finally giving in to doing regular outfit posts.  i have been taking photos of my outfits for a while now as a way to document what i have and sell, and also i like to dress up a bit and until opening the shop never had much of a reason too.  so now i want to keep track of what i wear, or have worn, and too, i did take that amazingly awesome self portraiture class last winter called You Are Your Own Muse.  so i am taking some self portraits, capturing mostly vintage outfits, and making a record of "wear-n-worn."

i have felt conflicted in the past, posting outfit pictures.  like, who cares.  but this is my blog, i love vintage clothes and fashion in general, i sell this stuff, and, well, like i said, this is my blog and if you don't like it, you don't have to look!

and then, too, there are the little coincidences and serendipity's in life and i don't like to let those go unnoticed!  when i got home from Nashville and was flipping thru my fall issue of Uppercase,

which, by the way, you should all be subscribing too, (let me just should on you all for a moment!,

there, of course, was a spread on the triangle!  it turns out triangles are quite the "in" design motif at the moment.  all the rage.  who knew?!  maybe they were "in" in the 70s too!

shop news:  i wanted to let you all know i will be having a sale starting next Wednesday, January 11. 

the sale will be 20% off anything you can sit on!

yes, that's right.  all chairs, chair frames, stools, seats, and benches will be 20% off! 

i will have other random and assorted items on sale each day as well but you have to stop by to find out what the sale of the day is!  or you can go over to Facebook and "like" the Smashing Rubbish page to find out!  i will post daily sales, each day next week, on the Smashing Rubbish Facebook page and i will "tweet" them as well so feel free to follow the shop on Twitter too!

i am trying to make room for some new merchandise as i will be going on a buying trip the first weekend in february and hope to have many new items to bring in for you to peruse!

stay tuned and thanks for your ongoing support!

pricing, pricing, pricing,
p.s. did i mention i brought a lot of new things in from overhauling my home?!  come see what's new!