Shop Closed Mother's Day!

the shop will be closed this sunday in honor of mother's day...
and our operating hours will be changing significantly for summer and that drastic change shall happen shortly...
i will let you know.

working on/in the "new" shop (same location)and have been writing a blogpost about it for some weeks now but can't seem to make a choice about hours of operation for the summer. am trying to avoid being flaky, by pinning myself down to "regular" hours, but alas, to all our chagrin, i can not seem to commit. may end up having "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" hours this summer but more likely to go down to 2 days a week and be open
friday and saturday

when this is all set in stone and not subject to change, you will be the first to know.
until then, wish me luck in this massive downsizing, rearranging and moving extravanganza i am taking on.
i will need it...

yours truly and forever more,

p.s. check out my space at m&m antiques in monroe if you need a Smashing Rubbish fix and i'm not open :)