Vintage Alligator Purse

i found this vintage alligator purse in portland.
i had to have it because i am loving all things animal skin.
i know.  weird.
you should have seen how fast i snagged a dyed green snakeskin picture frame at the thrift store!
people were scared!

but see that peek of original shoulder strap up there.
wish i took a better picture of how bad it was.
barely holding on....bad shape.
so i cut it off.
and i added this little new but vintage looking scarf.
just looped it thru the available hardware, tied a know, doubled it up on itself.
and voila!

a super cute usable vintage bag.
come and touch and see it for yourself.
for sale at Smashing Rubbish.
right now.

pricing, sorting buttons, and writing a lot of overdue blog posts,