10 Notices. Ten.

1. he (re)compound fractured his left wrist, again, skateboarding, and the plate and pins they put in last time looked like they were going to pop through his skin. surgery friday.

2. went straight from the ER to my house to shove random inappropriate clothing in a bag, and rushed to the airport for my flight to Ottawa.  made it. 

3. Golden Lake, our cabin, hot sun, old friends.

4. Orphan Wisdom School is another epic gift i allowed myself during my divorce.  thank goddess i said YES.

5. this man, these people, this land, these teachings, this time, these offerings. 

6. let it be known i have never paid to nor chosen to proverbially sit at the feet of man, until Stephen Jenkinson came along. it was the right choice. holy holy. 

7. suffering is a skill and we are are numbing out to it. its part of the deal of being human. let me suffer. 

8." the wild is not a petting zoo for the human soul"

9. if the wild rose up in defense of itself and destroyed everything that compromises it, would we consider it humane?

10. orphan wisdom school forensic audit method. word.