Wear-n-Worn ~kids edition

here's my little fellow in his vintage garb.
he loves to dress vintage so we were both excited when i found these pieces, the cheetah sweater vest and plaid wide legs, at an estate sale recently.

we got lucky because all the kid stuff we found fit him perfectly.
we were both thrilled!

i am heading toward portland, or. tomorrow and will shop all along the way there and back.  i hope to find some new treasures for the shop so come by Smashing Rubbish next week to see the new loot. 

and a reminder for my awesome Smashing Rubbish customers: i am considering shifting my shop open hours a bit to better fit the pattern of when i will actually have customers :)  so watch for the possibility of being closed on wednesdays (as well as our traditional mondays and tuesdays) and being open 12-5 on thursdays, fridays, saturdays and sundays (instead of 12-6 thur-sat).  if you have any input about this i would greatly appreciate hearing about it!  Don't be shy!  the shift in days and hours is being considered because i hardly have any customers on wednesdays and rarely have customers in the last hour between 5 and 6pm.  having wednesday to be creative in my studio and being home for dinner with my family will make a big difference to me personally so i am considering this probable change.  not sure how soon yet, or when, but i will certainly make every effort to keep my hours posted and current to keep you aware and abreast. 
thank you for all your support SR customers!  you make it so i can stay in business here in duvall!  thanks!

pricing vintage books,