2011 in Photos

February: You Are Your Own Muse, self portrait with fiddle and bee hive!

March: polaroid portrait of a self portrait!

April: Boys, Hotel Congress restaurant, Tucson!

May: vintage Fireball ready for camping!

June: Breathe Owl Breathe played our backyard stage!

August: Pickathon!

September: still playing at the lake! 

October: Avett Brothers in Nashville!

November: honey extraction, from our bees!

December: Santa at Plaka!

as you can see, i choose one picture form each month of the year to sum up 2011!  it was a year of growth, challenge, learning, transforming, and fun!  i am looking forward to what 2012 might have in store but for now i will live in the moment and enjoy that tomorrow night i get to go eat the following meal at Delancey Pantry:

 Oysters on the half shell with apple mignonette
Pork belly confit with smoked salt
Johnnycakes with maple braised greens
Tomato-fennel soup with blue cheese toast
Boiled whole crabs
Roasted potatoes with sea salt
Melted butter, salsa verde and spicy aioli for dipping
Butter lettuce salad with radishes and chives
Lemon mousse trifle
Almond cake, toasted meringue and brittle

yeah, i think i'll stay in the moment for that!  and each course comes with a wine pairing as well.  oh yes, please!

what are your plans for the weekend?
hope you get some fun and good food in there!

our seating sale at Smashing Rubbish will run until closing on Sunday.
all seating: chairs, chair frames, stools, benches, etc are 20% off or more.  and we are having random daily sales as well that you can find out about by liking our facebook page or following on twitter.

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