Vintage Shell Lamps

i've amassed a handful of these vintage, mid-century, souvenir shell lamps and other vintage shell related goodness...
all were in various states of falling apart so i have been saving weird stuff to glue all over them....
because, why not, right.
the one above now holds the glitter orb nun that natasha gave me.  she is actually holding a bowling ball but as soon as i got her i transmuted her bowling ball into a glittering orb.  she didn't mind.
i also added a little happy portlandia bird.  you know. 
put a bird on it.
i am keeping this one.
here is a little porcelain owl atop a shell pin cushion that hangs on the wall.  i took the soft pin cushiony part out when i was gluing so as not to ruin it.
i know.
sea elephants i suppose.
this one lights up too.
broken doll heads.
they have all been in a drawer.
i couldn't bare to throw them out.
oh and there is a whale tail in there too.
all hands shell alter/font.
everyone needs one.
is this lakshmi?
her lamp lights up.
and she is carved from sandalwood so she smells good.
i think the slight heat from the tiny bulb will make her scent waft.
here's hoping.
she got a bird too.
and this little winged creature is hanging with her deer friends.
this one works as well.
i may keep adding bits and pieces here and there until they sell.
oh, yes, they are for sale, in my shop.
Smashing Rubbish
15926 Main St.
Duvall, WA 
Fri & Sat
noon - 6
come on by and see how these look all grouped together and lit up.
you know you want to.
saltwater & sweetwater
(i'm needing a bit of both)