this will pretty much be a photo post of all the loot i was able to bring back from my little road trip down to portland and back.
shopped all along the way.  both ways.  there and back.
lots of treasures!
rusty old match holder
book of poetry
silver wing earrings

old small 6 drawer cubby

alter/curiosity cabinet
sewing basket/purse
silk clutch

vintage bird

needle keeper

vintage paper box

small eastern euro doll

larger eastern euro doll

shell box

vintage mug holder

little silver bird vessel

vintage tin architectural pieces

vintage shell pin cushion

interior wood tray from old steamer trunk with gorgeous vintage paper

black lacquer boxes for display

small galvanized carrier

large tin bird

small tin deer

wind up tin bird (brought back 5!)

skin covered box

gold covered leaf pendant

vintage transfers and patterns

and 2 "helping hand" magnifiers

all this and more, available for your instant gratification!
come take a look and see what might call to you!
we have unusual gifts, lovely jewelry, and fun treasures!

Smashing Rubbish
15922 Main St.
Duvall, WA