Snake Skin

i was going thru a bunch of our books and came across this one with a snake skin print on the inside cover!

it came from this vintage book, First Book of Snakes.

and i was thrilled to make some copies of the snake skin print to use for projects, notes, letters, paper airplanes, origami, etc!  i made some colored and some black and white!
i heart snake skin and have also been wearing a silk snake skin print shirt lately.  i am all about the transformative and mythic powers of the snake!  watch out!

in shop news: our seating sale starts on Wednesday January 11 and goes to Sunday January 15th
all seats, chairs, chair frames, stools, benches, etc will be at least 20% off during this time!
i will also be having daily sales on random items. 
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thinking about friendship and unconditional love,