Terrariums & Crystals & Dottie Angel

here are some terrariums at home that i made up the other day.

here are the empty glass containers before i started.

another view

i didn't have enough plants to put under these glass cloches yet or in the fois bois log planter.  soon, soon.

materials including charcoal, pebbles, moss, and planting mix.

pretty succulents

this is the large glass container and it has three different plants and many types of moss.

and another mossy looking plant

and a cool spiky striped one

here you can see in the large container i had room to add some quartz crystals.  i went to a gem and mineral show on sunday and picked these up.

sunny day terrariums

see the crystals in the moss

a broader view

does anyone know what this is called?  it's bluish green and it's not flourite.  see the cubes...


spiky quartz

i picked up a few of these in sayulita, mexico

jasper got this huge geode in tucson, az.

and this clump of quartz is from our trip to costa rica

i do love me some crystals, minerals, and plants.
witchy women unite!

in other news, and more importantly!, i was thrilled beyond belief to get a visit from Tif Fussell, aka Dottie Angel, at the shop today!  She and her friend Marjan stopped by to shop, say hello and meet in person.  I will publish another whole post about my adoration of Tif, the blessing of attending a girl crush art workshop and tea party with her soon in which we will create a piece of work that will actually be hung in a gallery!, and getting to go shopping with her in two weeks! 
can i get a Yahooie?!!
this excites me friends! 
really, truly, giddy!

more soon, so much more,