Closing Wednesdays for Equilibrium!

these two amazing creatures are my raison d'etre.

i have been thinking quite a bit about how to tell you something, how to put it, the reasons to give, if any, and how to remain professional and all "adult-like". so here goes...

i will be closing the shop on wednesdays.
the doors will remain locked until thursday at noon.
unless we feel like being in here to be creative....
but otherwise, don't expect to see the open sign turned toward the street on wednesdays.  at least for the time being.

some things have come up.  and yes, i have mentioned here before that i was considering staying closed on wednesdays, mostly because i get very little business on wednesdays.  which is not to say that i don't absolutely adore all my customers, clients, friends and family who regularly support me in this adventure by purchasing from me and allowing me to stay open (most days!). j'adore, j'adore.....yes, i adore you! really, every last one of you that walks through my door and says the sweetest things about how the store looks, the "good eye" i have, commenting on how wonderfully items are displayed, even suggesting i should charge admission because it's like a museum ( i take that as a compliment folks!), you just keep me going and going and going.  i am forever grateful and blessed to have the best customers in the world who make me want to work hard, do more, provide this element of beauty, and share my little world down here.  so you see, i want to be here, open for you every day, but i have to make it work for all of us.

who is this "all of us," you might ask....well all of us is you.  and me.  and my boys.  and have i mentioned i have this amazing partner/boyfriend/husband fully supporting me in the background and just quietly being my rock yes, him

and so i once again, always and forever, am seeking my equilibrium. 

do believe me friends, it will be best for all of us if i can "find" it, sniff it out, hunt it down, and wear it like a magic cape!

  i try not to use the word "balance," simply because to me, balance is static.  it's a place of holding, tight, uneasy, strict, stationary, showing little or no change, lacking movement, development and vitality. 
i choose to think in terms of equilibrium because for me its a place of flow, loose, nonrestrictive, ease, grace, motion, unbound and vital.  it is energetic and unfolding.  there is poise, but it is contemplative.

so i seek it. 
it will be searched for with jasper, who no longer has school on wednesdays.  we will discover it in horseback riding, practicing our instruments, exploring the back roads, tending our honey bees, playing in our gardens, cooking, making cheese, fermenting pickles, harvesting nettles, then hawthorn, then linden, and so on.  we hope to discover it in being creative, crafting, art making and surely in the softness of jasper's new little buddy-bunny:
elvis hawthorn fluffernutter

perhaps being kept on my toes will track me to equilibrium... i do, after all, have gus, my amazing and busy teenager, who could use a little more support around navigating working, driving, preparing for college next year and comprehending what's beyond all that.  
a man-boy, who deserves a mom who is available, attentive, understanding, a compassionate listener, and not too harried and busy and distracted to notice him.  see him.  witness his unfolding, growing, his leaning into adulthood.  it goes by so quickly my friends and i refuse to let these moments with my children slip by me for anything.  so if not opening wednesdays affords me even the slightest sliver of a glimpse into my equilibrium in this realm, it's so worth the door being locked and the signing saying "closed."

i have to say that i so appreciate having my business in a charming small town, where i can feel a little more free to make these choices for our well being and not feel too cruddy or pressured about it.  i don't want to let anyone, customers, or friends. but mostly i don't want to let down my tribe, my family, my peeps, the 3 people who are the center of my universe and who i am just crazy a good way!
i am grateful to have a business that i can model and structure however i choose.  i appreciate being able to try on different ways of running a small sole proprietorship: sometimes more organic in it's being-ness and sometimes more rigid.  in trying to find my way, discovering what works and what doesn't, i am thankful to have your continued support while i navigate these waters.  i admit i am not perfect or fully self-actualized so i do have fears and one of them is that you will see me as flaky and nonprofessional.  so thank you, for accepting me and my unique ways of trying to stay in business, while i gain more understanding and try to figure it out myself!

isn't shifting, transformation and deepening super awesome?!!!
sameness is dull friends!   boring! 
rejoice in the knowing that you can always count on change!
there is eternal growing, expansion, development!
and there will be more around here....i can assure you....but baby steps for now, baby steps...

so from now on, Smashing Rubbish will be open
Thursday-Saturday noon-6
Sunday noon-5

don't forget to "like" the Smashing Rubbish page on Facebook or follow on Twitter.  you should be able to access blog posts on both so they are great places to check for hours, happenings, and see new merchandise too.
also, when you visit the blog from now on, you should note some changes here too(go figure!). i added a search tool just in case you might find it useful....and i added a way you can safely and securely follow this blog by getting the posts directly into your email inbox.  i am currently working on getting some new pages up on the blog so it may look different, again, the next time you stop by!  please do comment and leave me feedback and constructive critique please!  if there is anything you want to see more of, ask!  it would please me to give ya what ya want...i just want you to be happy!

and with that i will leave you to ponder the possibilities... what is shifting in your life?  what change are you welcoming with wide open arms? what transformation is making you want to run and hide?  what deepening is cracking you wide open?
what unfolding has you holding tight?
can you loosen up, embrace and welcome it?
or does it cause stress, anxiety and worry?
it's all ok.  just take a deep breathe and one step toward it.  a baby step.  just a little step.  you can do.
i know you can.

full tilt shifting,
oh...oh show you how much i love you i am going to have a four day 20% of sale starting thursday march 22.
almost everything in the store will be 20% off, there will be very few items marked nd(no discount), but otherwise 99% of this awesome stuff will be 20%off!  cool, yes?  alright!