10 Notices. Six.

1. watched a movie about eastern indian arranged marriage last night and am also listening to padma lakshmi's book called Love, Loss and What We Ate.  love these glimpses into indian culture and it makes me long for Varanasi, specifically. oh India, i miss you. 

2. we were supposed to leave the cabin by noon but it was the perfect weather for a walk so we wandered to the beach and visited devils club, bleeding hearts, forget me not and maiden hair fern along the way. 

3. our cabin is off a two lane highway that goes over a major mountain pass. summer traffic has started and because we didn't leave the cabin by noon, we crawled down the mountain like unseasoned tourists. 

4. we stopped at the barn again, one of his clients family land and structures that are being bulldozed for a school building project. every time we go back, we find more treasures. this time loads of amethyst and quartz crystals from their rock hounding days. 

5. i wish we could take the barn apart piece by piece and rebuild it somewhere secluded and private into a house/studio combo. 

6. he loves to cook and he made us a chop salad with bacon, salami, chick peas, avocado, tomatoes, and parm with a lemon tahini dressing. i die. 

7. he volunteered to mow my entire huge massive ridiculous lawn for me while i went to visit my beloved bonus dad. 

8. when he can eat ice cream before bed again every single night, like he has since (and i'm certain before) he married my mom when i was 13, everything will be back to normal. fuck.

9. i hugged and kissed him. he cried. i listened. reflected. then cried on the way home. fuck.

10. a shower. butter popcorn for dinner. janelle monáe loud.