10 Notices. Five.

1. the constant sound of rushing river water lulls me. it's hypnotic and soothing. 

2. steel cut oats with cacao nibs, nuts and seeds, and fresh berries. could be dessert. 

3. in bed til almost noon. its what happens at the cabin. more liminal. less linear. 

4. weeding, culling, sorting, composting, dumping. mother nature never stops trying to reclaim what's hers.

5. the lilacs up here are still in tight buds. i hope i don't miss their bloom. 

6. i'm going to live in the south of france for a month this summer. and i am playing enny meeny miny moe with where to seek shelter for a 5-10 day stretch on the mediterranean coast: Languedoc, Provence, Côte d'Azur areas. i wish i knew of a sleepy little village that i could tuck into.

7. i'll see my bonus dad tomorrow, the day before his pancreatic cancer surgery. i know i'm holding my breath a little. waiting to exhale. 

8. we found a potato bug crawling along the wall by the bed and they said don't kill it and then they took it outside to release it. do no harm. 

9. one of the top five best things about staying at the cabin: sleeping naked.

10. the cabin is a magic portal. during my divorce i received so much healing in spending time here and every time i had to leave i sobbed. i no longer sob when i leave but i do go away feeling healed and more whole. time in nature, escaped from the rat race, is the best.