10 Notices. Seven.

1. 6:30am yoga. not enough sleep but i go anyway.

2. 6:30am ecstatic dance starts next tuesday. seriously. i'm going. 

3. a long rare phone convo felt delicious and affirming.

4. birthing more bee rattles and using rosewater in my spritzer bottle.

5. teenage angst is testing my patience. deep breaths. 

6. two food items i can't get enough of right now: lemon tahini dressing on everything and basil pesto on rice ramen noodles. 

7. i need to remember to run this business idea by her. it could be a goodie. 

8. surgery took about 6 hours but he is in recovery now and once they got his pain managed, he was doing good. the surgeons feel great about it. best news ever. 

9. i laid the huge map of southern france out across my bed and put little sticky notes next to all the places i've listed in my notes, places to possibly visit that i've discovered in my own research or recommendations from others. narrowing down where to stay near or on the côte d'azur. its hard to choose and makes me wish i could stay 3 months instead of one. 

10. noticing where my white fragility gets bruised. examining what my beliefs area around shame being used as a transformational tool, wether i buy in or not. wishing all women could band together and commit to always uplifting all women. maybe naive but still a wish.