10 Notices. Four.

1. bowls of electric purple violets. for sheer beauty and medicine making. 

2. fried chicken and rice noodle ramen and basil pesto and sun-dried tomatoes and shaved parm. salty food orgasm.

3. i swear the bind weed grows a foot a day. fuckers. 

4. he gave him the 1995 grateful dead t-shirt for his 23rd birthday. the shirt from the show he was at when he was two weeks old. what a long strange trip its been. 

5. two nights at the cabin. cold enough for a fire. raging river background music. mountains.

6. hands in clay, listening to podcasts, humming bird grandmother zipping in to check on me.  this is just my life now. 

7. its her 80th birthday soon and i'm trying to fly to montana to be with her. i wish i may, i wish i might. 

8. cancer...who are you and what do you want? i'd like to say go fuck yourself but really i want to know, who are you, what are you , and why... what do you want us to be attentionable too?

9. 6:30am ecstatic dance tuesdays. dance me to the end of love. 

10. he stopped paying child support again. no rhyme or reason. and i will still pay the mortgage and buy groceries and be the chauffeur. like we do. who run the world? girls.