10 Notices. Three.

1. fell asleep writing out my ten notices from yesterday, last night. so i'm showing up now to keep noticing and going my own way.

2. picking violets and bouquets of wild flowers while on a buy, because beauty hunting is contagious.

3. that Vincent School House is pretty much my dream house. i wonder what compels me to want to live in an old school house? maybe the huge windows all around. 

4. what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine. always and forever.

5. his surgery is monday to remove the tumor from his pancreas. we all have all the feels.

6. like mother like son. first walls, then vulnerability. sorry not sorry. 

7. its ok to bust through the toxic masculinity you've been straddled with. it makes you strong, not weak. 

8. berry crumble for dinner.

9. watering seeds and marveling at the fact that all the plant needs to become itself is all contained in these tiny seeds. its fascinating.

10. vivid dreams and less sweating. still no blood.