10 Notices. Two.

1. 6:30am yoga monday, wednesday, and friday. if i'm home, i'm there. 

2. washing antique insulators in the sun, in my bikini, while my shoulders burn.

3. the bees are happy. i am happy. 

4. it was Beltane and it was consecrated. 

5. i stole the lilacs and i don't feel bad, i feel liberated, and so do they. 

6. Paris shelter is secured. 5 weeks in France. who do i think i am? 

7. digging through boxes in the basement and barn of a "buy". finding all the things. 

8. the palomino. want.

9. his driving. i'm chaperoned. and its not relaxing. 

10. another buy first thing in the morning and we get to drive by the Vincent School House again. but not with cookies, but maybe with yerba mate.