10 Notices. One

1. i can build whatever i want. even a house. 

2. peanut butter cookie and yerba mate while driving past the Vincent School House.  Gotta get inside there.

3. by noon i was raw and weepy. re-entry is tough shit. 

4. fever dreams collective was off the charts. it was a million times better than i expected. and i expected it to be really fucking good. the women. oh, the women. i love them so much. 

5. they both make lists every single day and with their encouragement, i'm trying it. look out. 

6. he wants babies, and horses. i die.

7. unpacking to pack again in two weeks. who do i think i am? 

8. janelle monae. hot.

9. bees, gardening, pottery, groceries, skate park, driving school. we have things to do tomorrow.

10.  the wet spot dried.