What's New

Things are moving right along here at Smashing Rubbish World Headquarters! 

A few new things have arrived and are for sale.
a set of three vintage wall sconces came in.  two are identical, the third is ever so slightly different.  all three can be wall hung.  could also be hard wired but currently do have plug in cords attached.  each have room for more crystals or baubles as well.
$19 each or all 3 for $55.

this excellent paper label is on a great old wood crate box.
great for storage, display, or small side table.

this amazing bridge lamp is in great condition and comes with the vintage bird print shade.  I love this piece.  a lot.  so tempted to take it home but will give y'all a chance to grab it first!  fully functional, practical and useful!

last but not least, this super sweet silk Nanette Lapore shirt.  so cute with embroidered flowers.  size 6 for you petite dolls!
and a steal at $24.
come and get it while its here,
off to hang more crystals in the tree,