got some new ink last week.

this is what it looks like after you take the plastic wrap off the next morning.

gooey and slimy
blurred from the liberal use of my handmade herbal tattoo salve.  i'm convinced my colored ones are still so bright because of my herbal tattoo salve.  just sayin. 

and then when you wash it off you can see your words.
my words.
that help remind me to be nice.
nice to myself and others.
easy does it.  we're all human. relax. and be at peace.

it says:
"I choose authenticity.  I am brave, vulnerable and imperfect.  I am enough."

the calligraphy was commissioned from the ultra fabulous Betsy Dunlap.  she is an amazing artist that i have been following for a few years.  she happens to live in tucson but i did not discover her there. 

there was another sentence that got left out for lack of room but i will have it put somewhere else.  it is, "I live and love with my WholeHeart."  totally inspired by the work of Brene Brown that i have been deep diving into over the last 7 months.  yep.

all of my ink is done by Tom, the owner of Tattoo Evolution in Everett, WA.  He's a rock star in the ink world.  truly.

3/4 sleeved now and have a few small spots to fill in.  when this is done healing i will begin dreaming of the next piece of work.  maybe i need a Smashing Rubbish piece. hmmmmm.....

mending, in more ways than one,