i promised you guys, ages ago, that i would keep you apprised of the developments with redoing the Fireball.  thanks for being patient!

our Fireball is vintage 1961

the inside has been repainted but the outside has not.  yet.

inside i went with a blue for the main color.  there is black trim.  and both contrast nicely with the period yellow and peachy orange tiles and formica and oven.

the black on the door to our "loo," (really a closet with a portable toilet stashed inside), is not black trim paint but chalkboard paint.  we like it.

i used all vintage fabric, and mostly matching, for the cushion covers and curtains.  the formica has some gold sparkle to it and so does the material.  i couldn't believe i scored such a huge amount of barkcloth fabric for $20 at an estate sale.

one of my all time favorite things to do when camping in the Fireball is to make scones in the oven.  nothing beats made from scratch scones with homemade berry jam in the middle of the woods when you are "roughin it".

this metal sign is covering this damage:

 we used rivets and a whole lot of silicone sealer to fix the gouge.

i had many old hose bib handles so i decided to use them as door knobs in the trailer.  i like how it turned out.  the loo door got an extra door plate behind the knob.  i love the texture and patina they provide.

so its not completely finished.  i still want to paint the outside.  thinking of doing some Smashing Rubbish advertising on the back of the Fireball.
  and we have had another little mishap that has left a big dent in the front corner opposite the pickpocket sign.  hoping to have that taken care of soon and get to the outside painting. 
i wont be surprised if the outside paint gets put off until early spring though.  we are so busy that we most likely wont be camping again this season anyhow. 
i did seal the top with snow seal so it should stay relatively dry this winter.  i will have it mostly undercover anyhow.  just to be safe.
check out this one.  just like mine, same tile even, but different colors.  nice idea for the outside paint....

wishin there was time left to take a quick little surfing trip to the coast.  but alas, there is not time.  boo.

back to work for me :)

stringing crystals on ribbon,