la la land

hello my friends!

thanks for staying around while i wade thru the trials and tribulations of la la land, otherwise known as the new unfounded territory of business owner land of the lost hope to return one day and become somewhat normal again but not too normal cuz that would be really boring land of omg, working full time, never a dull moment land, so so so so much to do, family transitioning, roles shifting land, always wound up, hard to calm down, must breathe, need to meditate land.

la la land.


thanks for being here.

somebody get the cold champagne!

i've been feeling a bit like this dog with two broken legs. slow going, limping, whining..... everything takes so. much. time. to do, accomplish, and perfect. oh the patience. patience is a skill i have yet to hone and perfect. patience. please be my friend.

And yet.

Some days i feel like Grover here. like life is all good, not a single hard thing can touch me, i am indefatigable, a warrior, a lover, a champion, and full. full. full. full. of patience. i behave. my kids are angels. chad and i respect and honor one another. and i am channeling Grover. Gettin my Grover on!

I just want YOU to be happy! 

So I will stop my kvetching and moaning and get along little doggie!
please hang in here with me, friends, while things shift, change and transpire.  the new shop is open and customers are coming in.  items are getting displayed and priced.  new items come in every day and soon i will have time to make new bags, new pillows, new treasures and whatnots. i will be carrying Tatine candles, Saipua soap and some local letterpress stationary, soon.  the record album sketch pads are coming in and also, fingers crossed, a gorgeous line of local handmade sterling and gemstone jewelry that you will love!

the Smashing Rubbish website, twitter and facebook page are in the works.  each will allow me to connect with y'all in different ways and for me to offer different specials and info on each. so if you prefer to stay informed of all Smashing Rubbish has to offer, join me on each platform.  look for my class and events schedule on the website when it goes live.  cigar box ukulele making class, anyone?! 

I have so much to share with you so i hope to return to regular blogging from here on out.  i still haven't shared the revamped Fireball with you, or our Breathe Owl Breathe backyard concert, or the amazing treasures and finds i am uncovering daily. the focus will shift a bit, toward the goings on, ins and outs, of the studio and shop, but i will continue to share my finds, projects, ideas, life and creativity here too.

come see me at Smashing Rubbish World Headquarters!
15922 Main St. Duvall, WA
thur.-sat. 12-6
sun. 12:30-5:30
mon.-wed. by chance or appointment

thanks for all your support, kind words, help and love friends!
i couldn't do it without YOU!

going for a run in the warm Chelan rain,