Brick and Mortar

it is true.
and it is official.
i am in the process of opening my own studio and shop.
near my home.
and close to my kids' schools.
it's kinda a big deal.
(doing a bit of demolition to an old dressing room)

i now own a business.
(demo half done.  almost.)

and i have a j.o.b.
(second dressing room.  gone.  now putting up wall to make last one into fabric storage)

i am terrified and giddy, all at once.
(starting to move in)

i'm in the eye of a storm: the cleaning, moving, organizing, preparing, website building, logo designing, bank account opening, sign securing, lease signing, etc.  i know this is the grinding work of getting to opening day and that it wont continue to be this intense and daunting 24/7. 
and i am trying to enjoy a bit of it as i go.
(sooooo much to do!)

after the first whole day of moving and cleaning i sat in a comfy chair, in the almost dark, twilight, quiet shop, by myself, and cracked a cold beer(there was no Sophia on hand, Erin and Natasha!), and sat back and thought:
i think this will be ok.
i think i can handle the emotional roller coaster.
i think i can handle how vulnerable this makes me feel.
i think i can manage to let go a bit, just a bit, of the perfectionism and control-freakness that binds me up.
i think it's alright that, in this moment, i can switch from deep deep gratitude, peaceful serenity and utter enoughness, to big wet salty tears, deep doubt and unworthiness and stone cold fear.
i think all this means i am alive.
and i do believe it's a privilege to get to feel it all.  all of it. hard and easy. light and heavy.  rough and smooth.

(lots to sort, sift, dust, organize and display)

ohmygawd!  I FINALLY have MY OWN studio and shop!!!

you people out there who know me:  how long have i been talking about the "eventual shop," my "one day store, my "someday studio"?  like....   forever!

it's happening.

a dream is coming true one day at a time in little ol' Duvall, WA.

well, exactly at 15922 Main St!

items are arriving, car load by car load.

i hope you'll come visit and see what's new down here!

it's amazing what you can do with a little rope, some bungee cords and an open sun roof!

i am trying to open by july 2 and i hope to be open
thursday-saturday noon-6 and sunday 12:30-5.

wish me luck friends!  and don't be shy about stopping by!

12:41 AM.   must. go. to. bed. :)