Hello Out There!

doesn't that look like a picture of trees in the Fireball?!  it was the actual scene outside my door over memorial day weekend!

heeeellllloooooo friends!!!

long time no see!

well, i don't have much to report other than BREATHE OWL BREATHE will be playing on my backyard stage on saturday AND staying the night!!!

no, not much.  just a little little thing.



yes, it is true!  we supported a Kickstarter project; kids book and record project that b.o.b. is creating and so we get to have them stay overnight and play for all our friends and family!  yep!  pretty cool, huh?!

so needless to say i have been running around, breathless, with my head spinning in circles, readying like a bat out of hell!  it's all good!  I just like to have things a certain way; beautiful, preferably with a theme, well organized, and, ya know, like, all put together!  and if its not that way, i kinda panic :)  It'll all work out, right?  No one is going to fire me for having weeds in my garden and serving donuts instead of cake.  right?!

i have also had some REALLY BIG plans underway that will make for some major huge changes around here.  I will share this all with you soon but in the meantime think: brick. and. mortar (!!!)

so, i've been a tad busy and i am glad you are still here checking in on me!  thanks!

ok then friends.  i gotta go to bed.  right after i sew another Fireball cushion cover and glue another fake mustache to a stick!