PDX Loot

Found this little "Totoro" at Flora.

Blow up paper balls from Cargo.

Sweet little Hmong baby shoes and raspberry velvet box from Monticello.

Mushrooms and glass glitter bird from Cargo.  Little Doll, Demitasse box and candle holders from Monticello.

This little glass eyed green velvet pixie is my most favorite item from Monticello.

Velvet hangers,
white leather gloves,
and my next favorite thing from Monticello, a canvas newspaper bag for The Journal, Portland, Oregon.  I will deconstruct this and remake it into a bag for myself.
I have a project in the works with a bunch of white leather gloves so i will show you when its underway and happenin'.

Velour vest purchased at Magpie Vintage in Portland.  I also got an awesome blue, what I like to call "70's airline blue," leather mini skirt that will get made into a bag.  I will show it to you when it's being transformed.
These are some of the items I bought in Portland but not at Little Winter.  I keep forgetting to take a photo of the crystal necklace I got from Mossiere.  I did not spend nearly as much time shopping on this trip to pdx as I normally do so I don't have as much to show.  Although all combined, I probably did come close to my normal haul with all the loot from the handmade market as well.  I didn't really buy anything to resell this time, which is OK, since I still have plenty of stuff in the garage and basement to sell. 
I did go to the Monroe Antique Show and Sale at the fairgrounds over this past weekend so I will have photos of loot to show you from there.  I scored on an amazing quilt that I will hang on the wall over my bed.  And Jane sold me 4 vintage clothing pieces that are to die for and were so inexpensive!  And I almost didn't go!  You just never know what little treasures you'll find.

Happy Monday everyone,