Little Winter & The Ace Hotel

We are back from The Little Winter Handmade Market in Portland.

It was a fantastic Market and a fabulous weekend with the Crafty Aunties and Friends!

We stayed at my favorite, The Ace Hotel.  Every room in the Ace is decorated differently.  Chad and I have never stayed in the same room twice.  Above you can see the movie poster that was in our room this time.  Let me see if I got a good picture of Suze and Anna's room:
It's a bit dark but this is a wall in their room.  Tiffany's room had an owl painted on it with some poetry.  It's fun to see all the various decoration and detail.  I wonder what room we'll have next time?

This is the image on all of the wool blankets covering the beds in The Ace.  You can buy a wool blanket in the lobby, along with t-shirts, stickers, and duffel bags.  There is a hip NW vibe that is carried throughout the entire hotel and it helps define The Ace as a boutique hotel.  Stay here if you ever have the chance!

"The Bad Girls"

Our group included the three of us above: Dianah, Me, and Natasha - all there with no children.  And it included a few friends who had their less than one year old nursing babies with them: Suze, Anna and Tiffany.  Some of us had more freedom to roam, explore, and stay up too late watching live music each night so Anna's husband Greg deemed us, "The Bad Girls!"  Next year I think we will all be in the Bad Girls category, but this year it was Dianah, Natasha and I.  Sweet Katie hung out with the mamas and skipped Bad Girls status for this trip!

Two Bad Girls going to get their PDX on!

This is Tony and Shannon playing at The White Eagle.  We saw them Friday night after a little snafoo in arriving at our intended destination on time!  Thankfully we got to see the end of their set and it was super great!  I love seeing friends rock their skills and talents!  It's awesome!

On Saturday night we saw Y La Bamba open for the Yard Dogs Road Show.  Their sound was beautiful and haunting.  Chad and I had got to see them open for Breathe Owl Breathe at The Woods, the last time we were in Portland, so I was happy to get to see them again.

These two pictures are from The Yard Dogs Road Show!  It was super fun!  The Yard Dogs are a combination of circus sideshow, burlesque, cabaret, vaudevillian, awesomeness!  They were so entertaining again this time and I liked it even better than the first time I saw them with Chad at The Doug Fir Lounge

Now for some Little Winter goodness! 
These little wooden house structures with air plants are by My House Party.  Natasha bought a few of these. 

I couldn't resist and had to buy three prints from Kiki & Polly.  I loved every single one of them but had to narrow it down to three since I bought more art from other vendors too.  I have had my eye on The Night Swim for some time now.  And when I saw the girls pulling their bows back to launch arrows at the target, well, I couldn't resist! 

This print is from Amanda Blake.  I would practically kill or die to have one of her original paintings!  It was SO HARD to choose just one print from her.  I am considering commissioning her to paint a portrait of my boys for their birthdays this year.  Her work is magical, fantastic, and whimsical.  I want every single one of her paintings!
These are the Shanna Murray cups I bought for Chad and I.

And these are the illustrated wall and window decals I bought from her.  The cups are a collaboration with Pigeon Toe Ceramics and they are so sweet.  They have ones that say, "optimist" on the outside with a line half way up on the inside that says "half full."   They have others that say Hello Friend and Welcome Home.  I was so happy to meet Shanna in person.  She is a sweetheart and it was hard to pick just two decals.  I will put the fawn in the Fireball and the You Are My Sunshine one in the front door.  Love her work!

These two cards and cut-out animals are from Oh My Cavalier by Julianna Swaney.  Her artwork is wonderful and again, so hard to choose just one print.  So I bought a few smaller items from her since I had already bought the other prints.  If you have a chance to look up her work, you will be happy you did!

So, needless to say, we had a grand time in Portland.  The Little Winter Handmade Market was phenomenal and The Ace, as usual, was glorious to stay at.  I hope they have Little Winter again next year!  I will be there with bells on and a wad of cash in my pocket!

But I have to say, as grand and glorious as it all was, it didn't come close to being as awesome as the time I spent there with my friends!  Lovely markets, swanky hotels, and delicious foodie food aside, the best best part was being with my friends.  I wish I could organize a trip like this once a month!  I adore each and every one of the amazing women who came along on this adventure with me.  I cherish their friendships, find their individual talents amazing, and am honored they choose me to grow roots with.  They took time from their busy lives as mamas and wives to connect, bond and deepen our relationships.  I love you Suze, Natasha, Dianah, Tiffany, Anna and Katie(and Koa, Nev, and Deva!)!!!  I hope this was the first in many many trips we get to take together!  You are all my sunshines!