Antique Show Loot

So I totally scored on this vintage, in perfect shape, Granted -ish sweater at the Swap Meet part of the sale on Saturday.  I had just read about Granted on the lovely Bliss and had told myself,

 "You like those!  You should keep your eyes peeled for one you like and that fits since they cost over $360.00, brand new!!  Yes, they look like your old blue one that has a big horn sheep on the back and says 'Alaska' but it never fit just right, a little too small, I guess.  So watch out for one that fits and that you like the design of, girl.  You know you can manifest this if you follow your heart and not your head!" 

Yep.  That's what I was saying to myself when I saw the Bliss post.  It is not, however,  what I was saying when I was done at the antique show and arguing with myself, in my own head, about whether I should go over to the flea market part or just leave since I wasn't feeling 100%.  Chad had encouraged me to take the time to myself so I finally argued myself into going over to the flea market and now I am so glad I did!  I followed my heart, the always wanting to see one more thing and find one more treasure heart.  And I did not follow my head, the you always gotta push it, squeeze in one more thing, never satisfied, head of mine.  Oh, that darn head of mine. 
The guy who had this was asking $35, I offered $25, we settled on $30.  I got it for $30!!!  Total score in my book!  It looks so similar to this one but I think mine is cooler with the trees and all!  Yay me!  But now Chad wants one so unless my manifestation mojo keeps a spark, I'll be forkin' over big bucks for his when he can finally decide which one he wants.  It is hard to choose so that's one more reason to accept what comes along your path and make it your own (although I would have picked the horses or the whale!).

So, I'll just start with all the stuff I scored at the flea market first.  I collect antler handled cutlery so when I saw this knife for $7 I scooped it up in a hurry.

This old Fisher Price Circus caravan will be remade into some fabulous upcycled project when I can get around to it. 
Cost: $10

Vintage photo and frame.  Bought for the frame.  Vintage frames are getting harder to come by.
Cost: $5

Gotta grab up the old tin types when you can find them.  And the weirder, stranger, and more unusual the better.  I use these in different collage and multi-media projects.  These are from the actual Antique Show, not the flea market.
Cost: $2 each
This little guy, reminding me of Jasper,

riding his polar bear with a basket on his back,

full of vintage wool felt flowers!
Will fit perfectly in here.

Another old rag doll boy.  Again, for in here!

Lately I have a hankerin' for all things "tiger eye."  These have already been turned into 'regular' earrings, for my pierced ears with sterling silver hardware(which is all my ear lobes can handle).

Velvet patchwork doll blanket.  Er...yeah....I still have the everything doll related fetish going.  When will it end?!

2 paint-by-number cat/kitten paintings for resale.  Any takers?!

A roll of vintage green ticking from the east coast.

This old flour bag from a Coville estate will be deconstructed, reconstructed and upcycled into an awesome cotton and leather bag!  TOTALLY gearing up for my Etsy shop to be stalked after vacation.  Just you watch!  And hold me to it, please!!!

Old black painted wooden hand held mirror.  It's a mirror thang.

Up next I will attempt to show you the AMAZING vintage clothes I got at the show from my friend Jane.  She has a lot of family on the east coast and she brings back van loads of stuff a few times a year after she attends auctions back there.  She had some sweet vintage clothing for me, at incredible prices, and I couldn't pass them up!

This sweet little red shift just needed a good wash and a little mending.
Pocket and trim detail.

Collar, trim, button and fabric detail.  Love.

A gorgeous cotton and lace Edwardian-type jackety-type thing that I will wear over t-shirts.  Love.

Cotton and linen wrap around dress.  Love.

And last but not least I must end with sharing photos of the superduper old quilt I got.  The colors!  Oh, the colors.  These photos do not do the colors justice.  The khaki color is truly green and the blue and red are so vibrant.  Stop by and see it sometime!  I have hung it over/above our bed since we have no headboard.  It's from The Carolina's and is old homespun wool that is falling apart in several places which is so endearing to me!  The backing is a pinstripe that I just love, almost enough to hang it the other way!  Check it:

So.  Does anyone know what this pattern is called?  I still need to research that.  And.  Can you even begin to imagine doing all that stitching by hand??!!!  OMG!  Makes my mind spin!
I gotta get a photo of it over my bed to show you.  I will wait for a nice day to get good light for the photo.  It's funny since I don't usually like things that are so geometric-like but it was really the colors in this quilt that stole my heart.  I walked around the antique show several times, going back to visit it, to see if it was still there, to discover if it was meant to be mine.  And it was.  It's mine.  And I love it!

Off to gulp down the banana, blueberry, peanut butter shake Chad just made me.  Yum!