Pickle Progress

My Pickles are ready to pack in jars!
This is what the plate might look like when you take the weight off and it gently floats to the surface.  It is normal to see sediment in the form of unused starches and sugars.  And yes, your brine should look cloudy!  That's good and normal!

Stuffing half gallon jars with lacto-fermented Jennette's Kick-Ass Southwest Monroe Bucket Cukes.
photo by Jasper
7 half gallon and 2 quarts were filled.
Photo by Jasper

The rest of these photos are by August Williams.  iphone, Camera Bag app, Helga setting.

Ball jar, up close

Pouring in the nectar/brine.  If you have nectar left over, Save It!  It is great in salads, on potatoes, mixed in dressings, dashed in soup.

I store my pickles and left-over brine in the bickle fridge with plastic screw on lids.  It's probably best not to use traditional lids and bands since there is just a bit of vinegar in the nectar which could eventually corrode the lids.

Thanks for all the positive response to a pickle class next year!  We will make it happen!

It's sunny in Chelan today!
Off to the beach,