Stick Painting

We did some stick painting after being inspired by Toronto based artist Ginette Lapalme
I think I found her through Design*Sponge, or maybe Design For Mankind
Lapalme is a designer/printmaker and also a member of the print collective "Halo Halo." 
Her blog, ETTE's is awesome!

We LOVE her stick paintings!

See below:
These are Ginette's 

I think she uses driftwood and found sticks.  She calls them sticx!

When our friend Sheina was moving back to Montreal, Jasper wanted to give her something special.  He couldn't stand that she had to leave. I suggested making a Laplame inspired piece that he could give her to take home.  Something to remember him by.

Here is Jasper's set up in the Fireball, pre make-over.  I was cleaning so he was keeping me company.  We used acrylic paints and sticks and driftwood we had from sea kayaking off Lopez and surfing at Westport.

He picked all the colors and got to work.

Here are our masterpieces drying in the sun before he wrapped his for Sheina.  She loved it!

Oh, Sheina!  We miss you!

It was funny because I was working on this post when into my Google Reader mailbox came this lovely little post from Anabela at Fieldguided about The Dazzle show at Narwahl.  Low and behold, I am scanning through the photos and wouldn't you know it, there is one with a glimpse of Lapalme's gorgeous work.  Funny because I wasn't expecting it but, duh, because Narwahl is in Toronto and that's where Lapalme is..... 
photo via Fieldguided

So, needless to say, we have a whole pile of sticks and driftwood awaiting the attention of our colorful paintbrushes!  This is a great project to do with kids or as a group.  The contrast of the raw wood and the bright colors makes my heart do a little flip-flop! 
I love it! 

Go gather yourself some sticks and get your brushes out!  Show us what ya got!  And have fun!

Off to dream land,