A First.
Last night Chad was sitting at the computer and he asked me a question about my blog.  Unusual, I thought.  He has never asked much and lets me alone to do my thing here in blog land, undisturbed.  I said something like - it's kinda strange that I have this whole other blog life and you have no clue, whatsoever, what I even talk about or show to the world.  On I went, making dinner, roasted whole lemon chicken, caesar salad, steamed broccoli and sliced oranges.  Eventually I look back over and see tears in his eyes.  He just looks at me and says - pretty awesome this blog.  And I can see he has been reading it all.  And I can see he is proud of me.  This not a first, by far, but the reading of the blog, a first.  For sure.
Another First.
Celebrating our 16 year anniversary this coming weekend.  Amazed.  Both of us.  How did time go that fast and where has the time gone?  Now closer to twenty years.  Wow.  Hard work for us but oh so worth it.  Love, love love my life and family!
One more First.
I have a 10th grader and a 2nd grader now.  Summer break has begun.  Will I survive this summer with them?  I suppose.  One is going to circus camp for the first time and one is going to bird banding camp for the first time.  If they don't hurt each other first.  If we all survive the over exposure of each to the other, first.  Love my boys but sometimes wish I could will them to stop acting like brothers to one another.  Treat each other like you would your grandparents.  You don't scream at, slap, spit on or hit your grandma.  And you don't antagonize, pick on, or poke at your grandpa.  (Well, a little bit, you do, but you know what I mean!)Leave each other alone,  To begin with,  The first time.

Live, Laugh, Learn.  Be a super star.  You are awesomesauce.