I Am Rising

this is where things change.
the ante is upped.  
life going in a different direction.
not a hard veering so much...more like a gentle winding curve.
on path, yet around the bend where there is a new horizon.
or an old horizon...depending upon how you look at it.

where exposure is the flavor of the day and even if i wanted to turn away, look away, hide...i couldn't.
it's gone that far.

it's where you get to see me, naked, honest as can be.
this is a tiny part of the *things* i want to talk about now, the conversations i must have, the dialogues that need to develop.
it's me maintaining living, thriving...head fully above water.
through the soulstorm and out the other blessed side.
desiring full throttle, living the edge, rooted down, arc of faith, multi-passionate, midnight mystery school, wild love, sweet soul sister, living.
and maybe not *just* living, but burning, hot and bright, sweaty and rapid, full charge...just call me a pyromaniac.

this is where my shit gets real.

the shift is toward making waves and not *just getting over it*.
the shift is converting shame into worthiness. 

for instance: that place where developmental trauma/childhood trauma/adverse childhood experiences and the ensuing post traumatic stress from these experiences intersects with healing, invoked by an engaged daily practice of self-expressive creativity.

yeah, that.

that is what i want to sing/scream/chat about.

and this: the soothing of old childhood wounds through art and craft and making...reworking our deepest wounds into our greatest gifts and giving voice to our authentic selves.

yes, this.

shifting neural pathways by using head, heart and hands to make new grooves, wear new paths, develop new ways of being, knowing and existing.

embracing all of this because i:

Make to Mend

Making, with our hands, to Mend the trapped injury.
working the stuck yuck out of our bodies and minds, all the pent up bullshit self-talk we have been straddled with by circumstances beyond our control, from when we were young, and transmuting it into fertile, inspired, enoughness.

Make to Mend

that's the word on the street.
i say it's so.
sew, it is.

much more to come
hang in here with me if you can handle the heat.

thankfully off-kilter,