Travel Channel

well, we made it back to the pnw.
what a blast this trip was.
three weeks goes by so fast when you are having fun.
costa rica and panama are beautiful, gritty, humid and on the caribbean. perfect.
we promptly got mega sick when we arrived home so i am going to start with a photo montage to break the ice.  i will have a few more posts of photos coming up: street art, herb shops, food, doors, etc.  i will also start talking about the small changes coming for this lil blog-o-mine.  for starters, it is shifting again, away from being SR store centered, toward being SR lifestyle centered.  you will get to see more of what i do in other arenas of my life and if you stick around you'll get to know a lot more about me too.  bonus.
how is your new year?
did you pick a guiding word for your year ahead?
i did.
~ unfurl ~
just watch me.
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the farm we stayed at, caribbean coast, puerto viejo de talamanca, costa rica

the adults bedroom

the porch

our favorite place to eat on the coast: bread & chocolate

caribbean sunset

fishing boat


natural sculpture

rusty blue slide lock

green poison arrow dart frog



playa cocles


one of many moonlit bike rides

curing cacao

playa negra


caught smiling

gorgeous wandering horse at yoga each morning

green snake

tropical mushroom


playa negra

ubiquitous toucan 

red eyed tree frog

tropical deer

our grocery store: old harbour

fishing boats

ads wrapped in plastic wrap to protect from rain

"shake down street" huts

gus, punta uva

finca gate lock. every. single. time.

she can hover

1st in family series, playa negra









photos of taking photos

we came. we tried. we got our asses kicked


another hippie


power anyone?

lick it

my vacation yoga go to.(chocolate bar downstairs)

more power to ya

lil holiday helpers

a waterfall near the farm

another waterfall

readying to jump

will she do it

i did it

biking to yoga

breakfast after yoga. at the chocolate bar

stellar day
gus, soaking wet, panama boarder
jasper, soaking wet, panama boarder

bocas del toro, panama

coral and fish

ubiquitous trash heap

colorful pain. everywhere


they found a turtle on zapatilla cays

and shells

and moody clouds

just made it more hot and the water more refreshing

sea unicorn

brotherly love series, #1




#5, the end

near crawl cay


room with a view

tired baby #1

tired baby #2


hands on

red frog beach, isla bastimentos, bocas del toro, panama



true blue

san jose, pension de la cuesta


breakfast place

fake flower place

paintball beauty

health drinks

a clown

her make-up kit

a real woman

a brothel

i wrote a lot while i was gone.  i read a lot.  i biked a lot, did a lot of yoga. i laid in the hammock and on the beach and napped a lot.  i have a lot more i can say about it all. the traveling with family and being together 24/7 for 3 weeks when we are never together that much in real life, the belly laughs, the tears, the discovery, the joy, the longing. and how it all stretches you, grows you, cultivates your unique you-ness. all of it.  and i will say more.  little by little, some here.  some there.  it will come.  deeply thankful to have this space to document and preserve some thoughts around it all.  swirling and percolating. thankful.  and full on filled up to the brim with gratitude. overwhelming gratitude.
my life is fucking awesome.

wild love,