it's been a while friends.
things have been wildish.
a dearest soul sister is moving away and i am not loving it. she will be living near san francisco and i do love that, if she must go.
i was invited to submit a piece of writing to a brilliant new magazine and i'd be a big fat liar if i didn't admit i am so super excited by this!
i am having a nice size trunk show of my handmade loot in my space at M&M, during our after hours party , 6:00 p.m., on Friday Dec 1...be there or be square.
shortly after that i leave the country for three weeks and can be found lazing about central america, surfing and eating with my 3 best friends, the guys i live with.
upon my return i will begin weekly mounted archery lessons in keeping with my "i am a badass" mantra. archery.  on horseback. 
i know. 
yep, things are wildish.
what are you up too?
always Love,
the Smashing Rubbish shop will be opened friday november 30th , saturday December 1, friday december 7 and saturday december 8, noon-6pm. after that you can find a majority of Smashing Rubbish items at M&M:123 N Lewis St. in Monroe, through the first of the new year.  as per my usual, look for some big shifts, transitions, and newness with SR in the new year.  you knew it was coming!  xox