Hang Ten

hang 10 is a newish feature here on smashing rubbish to make a quick chronicle of 10 things/items/experiences/people/places that i am loving, wanting to remember, and share with you!
my sister mb doing what she does, root down, word up.
when julia lost some teeth in a bike accident in pdx, i knew she'd appreciate this old gold west german toy(?) pair.  i was going to make it into a hair clip but figured she needed it more than me.
ms. moon is my new most favorite blogger.  i find we have a lot in common and i just simply adore her.
this book and this book are in the mail on the way to me.
just got done listening to dr. clarissa pinkola estes read me this and i have three things to say, no, four: swoon, word, must listen!
this post and this post had me texting my bffs to confess my undying love.
here's another woman, besides ms. moon, that i'd like to be like when i grow up (video)
johnathan fields and brene brown get down to business at good life project (video)
trying to get gus to teach me how to make one
can't seem to stop wearing feathers clipped into my hair.
good bird medicine i suppose :)
we are all in this together friends,
keep it real,