Mountain Lion

this here is the new tote bag i made and have been carrying around.
it's like a shield.
it's my boundary bag.
i am mountain lion.

the solar queen.
according to pixie
she is a symbol of solitude, boundaries, solar power and femininity.
she calls us out to examine where we are standing in our integrity and where we might need some reinforcement.
mountain lion is the solitary wanderer.
she represents the  open, curious seeker within you.
she can help with feeling in power inside of your body.
this is a bit of a divergence from my regular course of posting (as if my posting is ever regular!).  it is about the making of the tote but it's also about the work i am doing in SouLstorm, a 9 month intensive deep dive i am participating in.  pixie campbell and maya corrine are the two goddesses offering their hearts, love, and skills to help a small group of woman heal, grow, become, and step into their natural born power.  i have the extreme privilege of working, creating, and becoming along side them.  because i am hurting for intimate knowledge of my right medicine, they are here, with mountain lion, giving me permission to grieve my wounds, rebuild trust and open up to new insights.  they are teaching me how to create a conscious creative legacy.  and it is already the most therapeutic, restorative, and karmic/cosmic experience i have ever had.  tis true. word.
and that's all i will say about that for now as i am in process of synthesizing, integrating, and assimilating all that is being offered to me.  as i discover more, i will share more.  be certain.  if you stick around, you are going to get an earful!
as far as the tote bag is concerned, i have more to share.
i found this incredible yardage of vintage flannel fabric at a thrift store in eastern washington, for $2.50, when i was visiting my folks this summer.  i was in the midst of contemplating whether SouLstorm was for me.  i had no idea that one facet of opening our hearts in SouLstorm would be to do a mini course with mountain lion.
i have come to the conclusion that it is ALL cosmic and karmic.
everything.  always.  cosmic & karmic.
so be it.
so here i am, all enamoured with the print, the colors, the
perfect vintageness.
(by the way, is anyone else reminded of vintage sleeping bag liner flannel here?!)
and once i understand why/how i have this fabric i presume it must be made into either a skirt or a bag.  if ya been around here long, you might know i have plenty-o-skirt, and i make plenty-o-bag. 
but since we were soon headed to our beloved pickathon, and i hadn't handmade/sewn all my own clothing as i had (secretly) hoped, I figured a special quick tote bag, to haul all my loot to the woods stage, was in order. 
the liner is a sundress, last worn and washed in sayulita.  it had patch pockets besides a torn strap, from days of wear on end, but it had the yardage to be reused, recycled, and reloved. the patch pockets stayed on and became the inside pockets to hold my salve, sunglasses and phone, etc.  the bag strap is a woven piece i picked up, as is, for a quarter at a yard sale.  it has a bit of metallic thread in it so that combined with the colors and price made it a
total score.
when i pulled the (liner) sundress out of my fabric closet the scent memory hit me hard and sent me to a place of pleasure and magic.  my happy place.  the salty mother ocean under the sultry hot sun. a two week ocean side vacation with my beloveds that i ache and long for again. oh the smell. the scent of life being fully lived. 
life as an enchanting playground.
and as i began to work with the fabrics, liner (dress) and mountain lion flannel, i knew this was indeed a special bag, a tote full of intention, hope and desire. it was sewn, and is now worn, with the seeds of a meditation and mantra to hold me:
I am doing my Heart Work.  I am taking a stand and committing to creating a life worth living, to playing full tilt, and allowing my life to be fully expressed.  I am finding my right medicine with my right fit people, a circle of women who can support and hold my blossoming vision.  I am expanding.  I am a multi passionate woman who is birthing the irresistible.  I am creating an energetically strategic lifestyle.  I am engaging in radical self-trust. I am becoming a conscious creative visionary and I am creating a conscious creative legacy. 
watch out.  i'm riding up to my edges and it doesn't hurt so bad. so there will be more of this boldness too. and more sewing, more sharing, more creating, more discovery.
here's to expansion, trust, fearlessness, and mystery.
as my friend angelique says,
Rock Up!