Bling Sneakers!

you guessed it!
these are my metallic gold l.a.gear sneakers i scored at the freemont sunday market on mother's day, with suze and natasha, for $5!
it was righteous!

these beautiful embroidered flowers, from an old stained tablecloth that kirsten gave me to chop up, are covering the l.a.gear logo/branding.  just used fabric glue.
just perfectly!

haven't decided what/which laces, if any, i will weave in...

these are just so super comfy.
plus you know i can't resist the metallics.
remember the gold metallic bag i made from a mini skirt i found in nashville?!
and the metallic silver oxfords i purchased for a tune last winter?
lurve me some metallic friends!

maybe i'll wear these to crossfit! 
yeah!  that would be the shiz!

i bet i could surpass my 180lb dead lift with these super power sneakers on! 
i'm gonna try it and let ya know!

guess i'll be needing some laces!