Velvet Cuff

made myself a vintage velvet cuff.
i had this old gorgeous faded blue velvet from the lining of an old silverware box.
and i had this old silver cuff that used to have a string of sequins glued to it, (but i ripped those off!).
so i traced the size of the cuff, rolling it from one side to the other, to make a pattern for the velvet before cutting it out.
then i got some elmers glue out and used a paint brush to glue the velvet to the cuff, one inch at a time.
when i got to the other side and there was a bit of fabric left. i just trimmed of the excess.
then i set it near the heater to dry so i could wear it the same night for going to a show in ballard.

now i am working on adding some vintage bias edged, vintage velvet panels, to some awesome vintage boots i just scored at the thrift.  yes, i will show you when i am done!

always and forever loving me some vintage velvet,