i've been wearing this beaded clip more often.

i found the beaded piece a couple years ago and just hand sewed it to a pinch clip so i could wear it in my hair.
and these jingle jangle earrings are getting more wear now that i have been wearing my hair up more.  they get tangled in my hair if it's left down.  they are vintage and i love the colors in them.
the clip and the earrings go really well with this old poncho i dug out of the back of my closet recently.  it is also getting a lot of wear now!
i think the poncho is south american but i am not sure from where exactly.  i picked it up many moons ago at the thrift store.  i am liking wearing it over this embroidered eastern indian type cotton shirt.  this has become my go to outfit on cold grey bleary wet northwest days.  it cheers me up!

what's in the back of your closet?!

eating curry and listening to frazey ford,