To Keep from PDX

you know i must have kept few things that were found on the stp (seattle to portland)and back roadtrip, right?!

that up there is a rebekah lodge pendant.  i have a collection of rebekah lodge items but had not ever seen this piece. i love what the order stands for and i am so curious and interested in anything having to do with secret societies, rituals, oath taking, mysteries, conspiracies, etc.  
i was thrilled to discover it!  found at cargo.  and on sale!

this is a beautiful vintage needle case made in germany.  also found at cargo on sale.  you know how i always try to make everything into either a necklace or a hair clip?!  Well i am considering attaching a little loop to the back of this so it can hang on a necklace and be useful to me!  who woulda thunk it?!

ohmygosh i love these gold snake earrings so much!  also found at cargo on sale.  i have been wearing them almost daily and i will show you a wear-n-worn post soon where you can see how i have been wearing them with my fish, beaver, and owl necklaces.  its like a regular nature preserve on my body!  haha!

this wool blanket remnant is being made into a nice big long soft scarf/shawl.  i am loving the colorways and motif!

i got this book because i love the cover that looks like tree bark.  it is already falling apart so i will probably use the front and back covers in an art project.

this is a great piece of asian silk.  right now it's just hanging in the studio to inspire me.

another old falling apart book that i loved the cover of.  will also be used in a project.

another hand/home made rag doll to add to my personal collection.

another piece of opaque white bristol glass to add to my collection.

a blue silk and white dashed scarf.

a ginormous spool of red and white baker's twine.
(for the shop!)

these pictures do not do these justice, whatsoever, but these are two huge barkcloth curtain panels with the most gorgeous flowers and birds on them.  the colors a vibrant, bright and lovely!
they will either end up in my bedroom or over the pantry.
and lastly, another painted fungus!  yahooie!
found the wild cat one on the way to portland.
the one in the background was found at a garage sale a while back.
and i have one painted with wild flowers.
not sure if i will keep on with this particular collection. 
it may end up at Smashing Rubbish.
i just love that its kinda weird and unusual.  of course!

thinking about sewing,