here is a little wear-n-worn to tide you over until i can get back to regular posting after the snow daze!

i have had this vintage kimono in rotation for many many years, like twenty, i think i have had it since high school!  And i recently discovered it again in the back of my closet!

i had gotten into the habit of always wearing cardigans and i have to remember that i have many other "cardingany-type" things in my closet to choose from!

here i paired the black and white kimono with a vintage frock i got last summer that just needed a few mends here and there.  i do think the "dress" is meant to be a house dress but i wear a black slip under it and and throw on my black knee socks and black boots and call it a dress to wear in public!

the dress has a fantastic asian inspired scene on it and has this great detailing on the pockets and collar.  oh yes, those who know me know i LOVE a dress with pockets!
its a good thing!

so in other news....it's saturday january 21 and the shop is finally open!  it has been closed for a week due to snow, ice and power outage.  our seating sale continues and i am adding clothing to the sale as well, for the next week! 

all seating and clothing 20% off!

come by when you can and take a look.  since i was stuck at home for a week i also cleaned my house and culled many of my personal items to bring in to sell to you so they can meld into their new lives with y'all!  two car loads to be exact so it will take me some time to get it priced but little by little it will all be out on the floor!  come see!

hoping flooding and high winds stay at bay,