Spring Break 2011

self portrait near the pool at the Copper Queen in Bisbee

the kids and i are back in Arizona for spring break again, staying in my dad's condo.  and we are so excited to be here because our dear friends Jeremy, Kirsten and Clary are visiting Tucson too.  so we get to explore together in other cities besides Seattle!  Kirsten's dad also has a condo here and although we have both been coming to Tucson, to our dads' condos, for many spring breaks now, it has never fallen on the same week.  but this time it did, so yeah for us!

here are jeremy, kirsten and clary as we prepare to leave an incredible outdoor antique show/flea market that i found.  Jer, Kirsten and i live for stuff like this!  this sale happens the first sunday of every month except may-sept since its TOO HOT.  more on the market later.  it was near 90 degrees by the time we left.  jeremy stayed behind and the five of us: kirsten, clary, gus, jasper and i headed to Bisbee and Tombstone.

It's easy to hang out with friends you've known for close to 20 years.  Clary and August have grown up together, and now goof-off like polite cousins or annoying siblings, thanks to Jeremy and Chad being good friends since high school.  Kirsten and i were instant friends when we met 16 years ago, young moms with an artistic bent and a passion for interesting junk!

k and i with big toothy grins.  when i get home i will scan our western outlaw photo we had done.  good times!

Kirsten is super talented and i am honored to be BFF with her.  she is an amazing actress.  she has her own theatre/production company.  he is a fantastic photographer.  she's a genius with writing.  she's the calm, cool, collected mom of a teenage girl.  and she's authentic and inspiring.  yeah, basically she rocks!  So i am always happy and thrilled to spend time with her.

kirsten and i both love odd, unusual, peculiar, strange, different, weird, interesting "things" so it was a no-brainer that we would want to explore an old mining town and stay in a haunted hotel
it's not everyones cup of tea but we were wishing and hoping for ghosts and spirits, at the Copper Queen in Bisbee, in a major way. 

Jasper swears we were visited by Billy the 8 year old ghost on floor 4.  well.  how else do you explain the room door opening up, over and over again, and his dimes and nickles being spread out on the bedside table in a different configuration than how he had left it before passing out the night before?  huh?!  how do you?! 

after shopping, eating, wandering and sleeping in Bisbee, we headed to tombstone.  yes.  THE Tombstone.  it was hot, dry and dusty, just like you'd expect.  it was for real!  the real deal!

it's a trough silly, not a coffin

love the peel-y-ness

the horses looked too hot.  and so were we.

ok.  who does this to a baby girl?

or this?  well.  kinda funny


enter at your own risk

inside bird cage theatre

dusty old books.  the best kind.

teenagers swingin in the desert

love old font and typography

and some more

and more

plumb tuckered out

the southwest is pretty rad!  if you ever get a chance to check it out, go for it!  there is so much to do and see.  i still have plenty on my list to get to and we have been coming down here for a while now.  have fun friends!  explore.  travel.  be well and live adventurously!