Becoming 8

sayulita, mexico, new years 2011

today my little boy turned 8.  my baby.  he's 8 now. 

how did this happen?  where does time go?  why does it seem to go faster now?  i want so desperately to slow time down.  to make it go at my pace.  to hold on to this boy for as long as possible. 

it doesn't help that his big brother is turning 16.  and i feel like i only really "have him", the 16 year old, August, for two more years. i can only "control him" and "bend him" and "influence him" for just two more years.  i hate this.  i don't like it. at. all.  where does time go?  the passing of the days needs to be controlled, bent, and influenced.  to my will.  my way.  stop.  slow down already.  just go a little slower.  please.

picasso exhibit, SAM, 1/11

skiing, stevens pass, 3/11

eating cupcakes waiting to get into KEXP dance party, Halloween, 10/10

amassing energy to carve pumpkins 10/10

carving 10/10

w/ gma and gpa, chelan, 9/10

soccer 9/10

chelan summer 2010

farm to table dinner, our csa, willie greens, summer 2010

showing me his sit spot, between the weeping willows and high bush blueberries, in our yard, summer 2010

handmade wool felt owl costume, from new orleans, fall 2010

on the ferry, on our way to family reunion in port angeles, 8/10

playing fiddle for family at reunion 8/10

salt creek sea monster 8/10

silly putty on the way to pickathon, 8/10

at the blueberry farm, after picking and pig petting, summer 2010

fishing lake roesigner 4th of july 2010

summer knitting 2010

hard day swimming at the lake, summer 2010

freckles, sayulita, mexico 1/11

leaving sayulita, 1/11

cup cafe, hotel congress, tucson, spring break, 4/2011

94 degrees, spring break, tucson, 4/11

when august was this age, becoming 8, jasper was born.  jasper was born on a spring day, at home, in a cozy dark room, with birds singing outside the window.  he was born in the caul and and it was magical.  i will never forget the feeling of empowerment that i got from birthing jasper naturally, at home, with chad and august there too.  this little creature came into the world as fiery, demanding and strong as he is today.  he quickly acquired the names jazzmanian devil and sassparilla gorilla because he was sassy and snarffuley and full of "tude." 
but he was cute and lovable and curious. 
and today he rocks my world. 
today he still thinks i am the bees knees, the cream of the crop, the cherry on top and the one he will marry!
he still likes to cuddle, hug and kiss on the lips.
i LOVE 7, turning 8.  it's glorious.  even in it's dark moments, which don't last long, because this kid is Hilarious with a capitol H!  not a day goes by that i don't almost pee my pants from something this kid, says, does, sings, makes up, tells, yells, acts out, teases, jokes, or reports.  it's non stop with this one and its the best. 
the. best. i tell ya.
he's a keeper.
and he's mine.