White Rose Brew Dr. Kombucha: my new favorite refreshment

I have always loved making and drinking my own Kombucha.  My sweet friend Kimberly has given me multiple "babies" over the years.  I usually am consistent about making it all summer but then I slack off toward fall and end up having to start over every spring.

Last week, during a quick stop at Whole Foods, I discovered this brew from Townsend's Tea Company.  I am a sucker for names and descriptions so even though this one single bottle cost $3.99, I had to try it out.  Now I'm in trouble because I want it by the truck load!

Brew Dr. Kombucha: White Rose: Raw Kombucha made from Townsend's Organic white peony tea, organic rose buds, hibiscus flowers, rose essence and organic sugar. 

Uhhhhh.... Sold!

Even if it weren't, "concocted by Townsend's Tea Company using their own high-grade, organic teas, fresh ingredients and no artificial nonsense with benefits including: appetite suppressant, immunostimulant, digestive aid, natural energizer, antioxidant-rich and probiotic with live enzymes,"  I would still gulp it down with a big ol' smile on my lips! 

And to top it off:  made in Oregon!  Yep, a Townsend Teahouse in my two favorite towns, PDX and Bend.  And they even sell it on tap (!!!) at The Alberta Street Co-op in Portland.  OMG, I'd be in trouble if I lived near there!

Can't wait to visit the Alberta Street Teahouse(pdx) when we go the first weekend in November.  I'll visit the Bend Teahouse next time I go see Julie.  Wish we had a teahouse in Monroe...

Try White Rose if you ever get a chance.  The floral essence and sparkly bubbles will delight you!

Off to completely revamp and reset my space at M&M.  Big job but will be looking lovely by the end of the week.  Come visit after next weekend!