Curious and Curiouser

I guess this is what you would call a curio cabinet.  It's full of my little collections.  All my records are housed below it.  And my studio record player sits on top.  Lemme see if I can find a photo:
Ah, here's one.  The boys bought me a retro looking, take along, turntable for my birthday last year and I/we listen to records all the time.  There's nothing like the crackle of the needle on the record.  I love it!  I now buy all music I love on album if they have it and if they don't I still buy CDs or use iTunes.  In most cases, when you buy an album nowadays, they give you a way to also download the whole thing anyhow.  This turntable is actually able to hook up to the computer and turn your albums into CDs potentially but I just use it to listen to awesome tunes and dance around my studio!
Above the turntable we also have a lot of our black and white photos displayed.
Here's one side of the 'curio.'

And the other.

Now for some close-ups. 
I love and have been collecting, for a really long time, all manner of devil figurines, anthropomorphic animals and people, unusual and interesting children's clay projects, birds, nuns, American pottery,

gnomes, rabbits, pixies,

pirates, faun/Pan figures, carved wood creatures,

cloth dolls, rag dolls, felt dolls, yo-yo dolls,

souvenir shell dolls, busts, tin can doll furniture unpainted,

doll heads, bodies, parts,

schnauzers, clocks, tiles, bead work, silver trays,

European pottery, mirrors, sheds/exoskeletons,

pumpkins, jack-o-lantern, paper mache,

chalkware, plasterware, compositionware,

transferware, restaurant ware, and made in the U.S.A. California art pottery.


That's a lot of curio-usness!

This is an ever evolving, ever changing, rotating, in and out kind of collection.  I add to it.  I take away from it.  I gaze and wonder at it.

It's probably kind of obvious by now that the stranger, weirder, odder, more unusual something is, the more I love it.  I seek it out.  I watch, look, and listen for the whispers of "perfectly odd," when I am out and about in life.  I am drawn to the bizarre, uncommon, and strange.  I am completely comfortable with these "things."  And although I certainly don't need them to survive, they do make my heart sing!

What do you collect?  What are your favorite things?  What makes you extra comfortable when you are surrounded by it?

Off to keep working on my space reset at the antique mall.  Its coming along but it's a ton of work!!!  I'll be sure to post some photos when it seems more "finished."  I can't wait to be done with it so I can get more sewing projects finished!