Woodblock Stamps

So I have told you all now that you should be using Google Reader to gather your information, remember?  And since I follow my own advice, and I use Google Reader, I get to be bombarded with all the great goodness in blogland every. single. day.   And I love it!  I get new info and new blog posts at my fingertips without having to go check every single blog I love.  So easy.  So do it!

A few days ago in my Google Reader inbox was a post over at Design*Sponge about woodblock stamps.  I have woodblock stamps!  And I forgot all about them until I saw that post.  So I tracked mine down and took some sunny photos.

Even though these are meant to be used on fabric, with paint or dye, these remind me of the Henna designs I love to have created on me by Julie.  She is rather talented at Mehndi and when we are together I always want her to give me a henna blessing.

I bought all of these, years and years ago, before children, so over 16 years ago, from antique dealers.  Back in the day large shopping malls like Alderwood and Northgate would host antique shows.  So all the vendors would be set up in the middle of the mall and I would go to the mall just to shop these sales.  I have not been a "mall person" since junior high but boy howdy would I high tail it to the shopping mall when they were filled with antiques!

This is a large one compared to the first two.  I like the flower design.  But what I really love, and have always loved, as long as I can remember, is Paisley!

I lurve me some paisley!  Maybe it was when I was a teenager and my Auntie started collecting wool paisley shawls, that I began falling in love.  Since fine wool paisley shawls and spreads are FAR out of my reach financially, I will settle for some nice wood paisley for now.

I have used a few of these, again, years and years ago, to make some block stamped silk scarves.  I used the paisleys and fabric dye and fabric paint and long white silk scarves.  I liked how they turned out then.  Not perfect and a little primitive looking.  Love the not perfect and primitive.

Last but not least, another big block stamp.  Now that I have these all out I think I will come up with a summer project for the kids and I to do.  Maybe we can block stamp a beach blanket.  I'll report back later and let you know how that all works out. 

Stamp, sew and create!

Off to pick tomatoes,