Vintage Curtain Pants!

Jasper got some new pants!  I sewed this Oliver + S pattern for him using a vintage curtain panel!

Lucky Jasper!  His nice Mama sewed him some new/old pants!  I used the Oliver + S pattern, Sandbox Pants Pattern & Starfish Stencil, bought at Ben Franklin, on sale, many many months ago.  This pattern goes up to size 8, which is great, since he is wearing size 8 in jeans, mostly for the length, since he is a tall 7 year old.    I found after cutting out the pattern that the length sizing was generous so I cut the pattern out on size 8 but folded up the bottom edge to the size 7 and still had more than enough fabric to hem.  Oliver + S rates the sewing difficulty of the patterns by number of scissors images.  They gave this a one scissor out of four, and it was super easy.  I think this pattern will be useful for a long time to come, if he continues to enjoy homemade pants!

I know he is my kid, but how cute is he in these pants?!  Uber Cute! 

This fabric is like heavy cotton canvas, almost.  Not stiff, but definitely with some heft to it.  I will show you some details of the pockets, which I think help them look not so much like pajama pants, but are hard to see in some of these photos.  You could easily make these more like pajama bottoms by leaving the pockets off and using a thinner material.  I think one reason Jasper is so fond of these pants is because people keep telling him they look like really cool camo!  Its a bit hard to tell but they are covered with all kinds of game birds!
These have become the perfect summer pants.  They can be worn with slippers, as seen here, and you can roll them up for a cropped, capri look.  The pants allow plenty of room for stretching, running, tree climbing, forest exploring, fish catching, etc.   They got a lotta give! 
This pattern would totally work for a girl too and I can just imagine them in some of my favorite Heather Ross prints!
Here is a closeup of  a front pocket.  These are fully lined and have double top stitching for an added lil' sumpin, sumpin!  I didn't change anything about the front pockets.  Just followed the pattern directions.
Here is a back pocket, fully lined and double top stitched as well.  I did change the back pocket only in that it did call for a button closure but  I left that out.  Back pocket buttons would just get in the way for my guy.  And be an added unnecessary step for me!
Trying to show you a picture of the casing here.  The elastic in the casing is just across the back, attached at the sides, and then the draw string is used to cinch up the front.  I hadn't used this method before but I am liking how it works.  Yes, those are button holes, and they were very easy to do on my new machine once I got off my lazy bum and tried!  These pants did sit unfinished for a couple weeks because I was not wanting to fuss with button holes.  It was done in less then 5 minutes when I actually just did it!  EasyPeasy! 
Upcycle, repurpose, sew, sew, sew!  I got the bug and I can't shake it!  Must craft, gotta make, will sew for food!  What are you crafting, sewing, knitting, making?  What are you reusing, repurposing, upcycling?  Do tell.  Share, share, share! 
Working on the next pair of pants for J. Vintage stripes!  Will post photos when completed.  It's cut out.  Just gotta sew it!

Off to pick blueberries with The Crafty Aunties,
xox- Jennette