The Owl and the Butterfly

So last week was spent mostly hanging around Georgetown, in Seattle Washington, while J. was at Circus Camp.  Natasha and I had many little adventures and one of a few of them included visiting, and revisiting, Pacific Galleries Antique Mall.  Oh, how I love this mall.  Its like a museum.  Almost every single thing in there is TO DIE FOR but it all has a steep price tag.  If I weren't from this area and was visiting Seattle and stumbled onto this place, I would think I had died and gone to heaven.  It's that kind of place.  Its the place I always look for when I travel.  The place that has ALL THE GOODS!

So it didn't take long for Natasha and I to find many an item to drool over.  On our second trip there we found two of these:
This is a Victorian hair clip.  And this photo does not do it justice.  I don't usually go for gold but this has the most wonderful rich, old patina that makes it just right.  So they came as a set.  there were two of them.  And we both loved them.  So I said lets buy them, each have one, and make them into necklaces.  Friendship necklaces!  Like embroidery floss friendship bracelets, but only better!  We had to think on it for a day or two, they weren't cheap!, and then we had to have them since they wouldn't leave our minds!  I had an idea to attach mine to old watch fob chain, of which I have a lot, to keep it looking vintage and lovely.  I will show you in the next few photos what the back of the "clip" looks like and you will see why we did not want to continue using them as intended, for hair decorations!

You see, the wings of the butterfly are on tiny springs so that the "legs" of the butterfly open when you pinch the wings together and then you stick it to your head and let the wings go, thus closing the feet and attaching it to your hair!  Genius, those Victorians!!  EXCEPT, those feet are pointy and super sharp!  Ouch!  My hair is not nearly as thick and gorgeous as Natasha's and I knew my hair wouldn't take to holding the weight of this little clip in it for long.  Also, we didn't want to chance loosing them if we did try to wear them in our hair and they fell out from not being secured enough.  So necklaces it is!
This is a close-up of the watch fob chain I am currently using to make my necklace.  I love the big over sized spring clasp and the original lobster type clasp.  And it has the perfect old gold patina that the clip has so they look good together but not super matchy-matchy, which I abhor.
Here it is on.  I like how it hangs off to the side a bit so its not too perfect looking.  I simply pinched the wings to open the legs, stuck them thru two links on the chain with one link in between. And voila!  Done!  I have been wearing it around the house and paying attention to whether its staying clasped on like this, just pinched on the chain, as if it were in hair, and so far so good.  It did come off once when I was changing shirts so it must have come unpinched in the switch.  I will figure out a more permanent attachment before I wear it out and about.  I would cry hard if  I lost it!
The next little treasure is THE OWL!  Oh, how I adore and treasure this treasure!  As soon as I saw it in the case at PG I had to see what it was and find out how much it cost.  It called to me.  It needed a new home.  I did leave it behind the first day, feeling like I needed to think on it and be certain.  But when we went back to get the clips, it was a done deal.  I couldn't bare to leave without it!
Not the best photo but he is kinda awesome!  It is sterling silver and it's a pin.  It is hollowed out so its not too heavy.  It has some markings on the back that I need to research.  I wanted him to become a necklace too.  His red stone eyes just wont let me be!

Trying to show you the markings.  Its a crown, above a shield/emblem that has F N Co across it, and then it says "trademark" under the shield.  Anyone know what it means or where its from?  Anyhow, I had some silver watch fob chain and the chain and clasp from an old wrist watch so attached these to the sides of the pin back and began making my necklace.

Above you can see the two different types of chain on each side.  What you cant see is the pretty little clasp in the middle of the wrist watch chain or the detail of the watch fob chain and the amethyst and silver piece that originally was on the watch fob and now hangs down the back.  Next photo:

Here you can see the original watch fob piece and the detail of its chain.  It hangs down the back.

There.  Now you can see each side of the chains.  But you cant really tell how wonderful the purple glass in the watch fob piece is.  It is wonderful!

I love my new necklaces and I Love altering, upcycling, and repurposing these beautiful items so they continue to get use and be worn years after they originated. 

Off to pick our raspberries, currants and huckleberries.
xoxox, Jennette