Long Time No See

Hello Friends!

Long time, no see!  What a fun but crazy week I have had.  J has been in circus camp all week at SANCA so I have enjoyed being in Georgetown, Washington.  So much to do, see and eat in Gtown!  If you are in the Gtown area check out the following:
Fruitcocktail for fun and funky treasures, Hangar Cafe for the BEST sweet and savory crepes around, Great Stuff and Susan Wheeler Home for TO DIE FOR art and collectibles.  I want every single thing in these stores!!! Plus Kirk and Susan are so friendly and helpful.  Check them out!
Also, go to the yellow falafal truck for the best Schwarma you have ever tasted.  It is served with pickled beets and tender meat on a bed of lettuce and pita with a wonderful garlicy but cooling tzatziki sauce.  Yummy!  And don't miss Maruta Shoten, "the working persons Uwajimaya," where you can stock up on noodles, sauces, toiletries, and snacks all while ordering a delicious lunch from the deli and take out counter. 
If you like to shop for antiques, head over to Pacific Galleries, a few blocks away, to walk into a wonderland of unusual and amazing curiosities.  There is much I love but can never afford here so I treat it as if it were a museum and just go visit all the cool stuff! I did, this time, however, get to splurge on two special treats which I will share in another post very soon!

Another place to eat is Iron Pig BBQ.  The best bbq in south Seattle!

The Foundry is another store in Georgetown that I love to search thru.  Its like a big rummage store but with only super cool stuff, crammed in here and there.  It reminds me of a New Orleans store so much, in that, its crammed with stuff, its never open the hours the sign says, its hot as Hades in there, many items aren't priced, and everything I pick out is the expensive stuff!If you go and its not open, go down to the corner coffee place and ask if the owner is there to let you in the Foundry.  He owns both and is often at one or the other.  Here are some photos from the Foundry:

slab-o-wood for a table top

galvanized vent/fan/finial thingy

Love this chair!  Turn of last century, old, perfect.

The blue on this lamp was amazing.  That's A. in the background, holding the long, large net I bought.

great green industrial(hot, hot, hot!) stool

yards and yards of ticking.  yummy!

great old toolbox.  natasha got the best one though, turquoise, perfect, and i will try to get a photo

industrial wood and metal shelving.  want, want, want

So, it's been a busy week folks.  Lots more to share but just wanted to get you one post, at least!  Typing on my new computer and loving how much faster it is.  And loving that its a lap top so I can take it along on some adventures this summer.  I will keep you posted!  Stay cool, be cool, you are cool!

Off to water my tomatoes,