Altered Clothes - take 1

thrifted strapless top turned into bag

Hello Y'all!  You will have to excuse me for just a moment while I whine, kvetch, and moan about there not being enough time in each day!!  Where do they go, these days of mine?  Monday, where are you?  You were a flash in the pan!  I actually miss you Monday.  I don't want it to be Tuesday, mostly because it means one day less this week to get "stuff" accomplished.  Oh, Tuesday, come on baby, be my day of massive "doing!"  Maybe I can stop sleeping and get it "all done."  There's an idea.  Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!  Ha!

OK.  Enough of the complaining.  I have actually been trying to train myself lately to focus on the things I accomplish, instead of the things that are still left to do.  It's hard for me.  Being a first born, Capricorn, perfectionist and all.  But I try.  Thus, one reason I blog, is to document and convince myself that I do actually get some things accomplished!  Look!  I have some photos to prove it!  Now I just have to believe it;  That I do get enough done in one day and that the world will not go to pieces if i don't get one more thing made, one more project sewn, one more meal perfect.  Let it go, let it go, let it go....

So I made a few things!  I did get "something" done!  The above photo is of a pretty little strapless silk top I found thrifting.  It looked so sweet but I NEVER do strapless so I just kept looking at it, trying to figure out what it could become.  When all else fails, make a bag!  Like I really need another, when I have a hundred and one already.  I guess I should really consider selling some of these things!

this is what the original top looked like, bottom edge ruffle and all

In the first photo you can see the silk ribbon I used on the inside to make a drawstring type closure.  I have it hanging over the outside edge so you can see it, but it usually stays on the inside.  Since there was already a ruffle around the bottom edge of the top, I just turned it inside out, tucked in the ruffle, and sewed the bottom of the shirt closed.  Then, around the top, where there was a casing with elastic (to hold up the strapless wonder!), I seam ripped two little holes to thread the silk ribbon thru, and then I tidied up the two holes with a few stitches.  So now I can cinch the silk ribbon on the inside to close up the top of the bag.

close-up of the circle print detail and random sequins

For a strap, as you will see below, I used some left over materials.  I personally like things to look a little deconstructed so I like to use a hodgepodge of materials and textures.  I had some left over grey and dark greenish-blue silk and I had an old top that was batiked with lanterns, moons and stars, so I used a combo of these.  One side of the strap is all the batik and one side is random lengths of the silks, including the button placket from the dark greenish-blue.  May be a little hard to see here....
detail of strap

I love the prettiness, lightness, and effervescence of this frilly little bag.  It's not usually my style but for dress up it might be nice.  Its not super hardy and durable so I guess it is meant for once in awhile use.  What are you making, altering, upcycling, or crafting these days?  Do tell! 

Make love, do craft, and carry on!